Blog Post 11 October 2021

On 7 October, Pluto the mighty planet of transformation was the first of the planets to move out of Retrograde and into Direct motion, and so we begin the call to action.  Whilst this powerful planet was in Retrograde we were all sent within to look at our shadow sides and to see where we are enslaved to our ingrained and outdated habits, and where we need to master ourselves for our highest good.  Attitudes, as well as habits, needed to change and we all needed to look to find new ways to create structure in our lives that were forward-thinking, sustainable and of course, workable.

On 12 October, Saturn our teacher and disciplinarian was the second of the major outer planets to move back into Direct motion.  Whilst he was going through his Retrograde phase, we were all being called to address and make peace with our karma.  Everybody was made very aware of any karmic energy that needed to be cleared and this could have meant a change or end in a relationship, a need to apologise and revisit the past, or, letting go of a way of being that no longer serves any positive purpose in your life.  We are all responsible for clearing our own karma and Saturn will make it very obvious to you where this lies in your life so as you can deal with it.  Remembering also that for the most part, we don’t want to deal with our karma as it so often involves revisiting the past, admitting you were wrong, apologising or even playing out a scenario where you know you won’t win, but you still need to go through it to clear it.  So, for many, the Retrograde phase of Saturn was a dark time, but one that would have allowed you to make good progress along your soul’s journey if you were prepared to do the inner work and focus on what needs to be done.

On 18 October both Mercury and Jupiter will turn Direct.  This Mercury Retrograde has been one where I found myself losing a lot of things, and I am hoping that once it goes Direct those things might still turn up!!  Mercury Retrograde is always mischievous and disruptive, but if you can just accept that that is the way the ball is going to roll at this time, then it will be a lot less stressful for you.  Trying to get your ducks in a row in Mercury Retrograde would be like trying to fill a bucket full of holes with water – it’s just not worth the stress and it is best that you look to whether you even like or want those ducks anyway!  So, Mercury Retrograde in Libra has allowed us to re-evaluate our relationships with others as well as the all-important relationship we have with ourselves.  It was a great opportunity to bring more balance into our lives so as we could move forward feeling more secure in our beliefs, choices and decisions and so as we could find more appreciation for the ones that we love.

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion and so while he has been Retrograde in Aquarius we have been looking within to where we feel different or can bring something different to the table.  This phase activated our abilities to feel more comfortable in our own skins and to be a lot more aware of what is really important in our lives and what we can let go of.  It will also have allowed you to develop more confidence in your personal thought processes so as you could know what parts of yourself you can naturally and more confidently develop, and which parts of yourself need to be heard.  Jupiter in Aquarius is expanding on everybody’s awareness of the planet, of humanity and of the environment and the more we can all learn and live the Aquarian way of seeing ourselves as part of all that there is, rather than separate to it, the more we can all learn to come together as one and rid ourselves of the unhealthy and dictatorial division that is all around us.  You are your own person; you are a sovereign being and you can critically and intelligently think and take action for yourself – you are not here to be controlled by anyone but yourself.

So, as the planets rev up into full speed once again, we are also doing the same.  Once Mercury Retrograde finishes and we are out of the shadow period (approximately 25 October) it is time to take action in our lives once more and to start using all that we have learned about ourselves and our lives over these last few months, to use.  You will have the green light to go ahead, and you will find yourself armed with more knowledge, awareness, understanding and power to create the life you wish to live.  Blessings xox