Blog Post 28 April 2020

Pluto the mighty planet of transformation and the Ruler of the Underworld recently moved into Retrograde motion in Capricorn, where he will stay for the next 5 months. 

From an esoteric astrology perspective, in particular, Pluto is one of the most powerful planets in the cosmos. He is the planet of transformation and when you go against or try to change the path that he is guiding you along, it can make your life very very difficult indeed.  Wherever he is found in your Natal Chart is where you have chosen in this lifetime to go through your biggest transformation – the transformation from being a slave to an area of your life and/or way of being, to becoming the Master of this.  He is a huge force that affects us globally as well as personally, and so as he makes his long transit through the patriarchal, traditional, conservative and very stubborn energy of Capricorn, we are on a global level, being presented with all of the above to see whether we will continue to be slaves to this or rise up to become the Masters of it.

While a planet is in Direct motion, our focus is guided towards our outside world and we are constantly working on how we fit in, how we interact with others, what our functional purpose is etc, etc.  While under this influence we are humans DOing rather than humans BEing.  And as Pluto is the Ruler of the Underworld, when we are DOing under his influence we are usually playing the game, ticking the boxes and doing what we are conditioned and taught to do.  However, when he moves into Retrograde motion our focus moves from our outside worlds to our inner worlds.  This is the same with all the planets that move through the Direct and Retrograde phases – when they are in Direct motion we are using their energy and guidance in our outside worlds, and when they are in Retrograde motion we are using their energy to navigate, understand and direct our inner worlds.

Pluto is often known as the “bringer of chaos” and the planet of death and resurrection and this is an apt description for the Ruler of the Underworld.  And Pluto doesn’t do anything for kicks and giggles – NO he does things because they are for our higher good – whether we can see it, or whether we like it, or not.  Pluto has been transiting through Capricorn since January 2008 which means he has been demanding our attention through change, disruption, demolition, revelation and an end to the old ways.  While he is in Direct motion he may bring chaos but when he is in Retrograde he brings us the answers.

His timely move into Retrograde motion at this time of enormous change and the instability of our outside worlds is therefore of great importance to us all globally and of course, personally as well.  When Pluto moves into Retrograde motion in Capricorn we are being asked to look honestly, transparently and definitively into what we as individuals think and feel about the world around us.  Retrograde periods are not “doing” times they are a time of connecting, reflecting and exploring our inner worlds.  Our inner world relates to our motivation, our perspectives, our beliefs and our own beautiful intelligence.  If we were forever to be in Direct motion we would never be given the time that is so needed to think about things, to reflect on our lives and to question and see through what is being presented to us on a daily basis.  During the powerful Retrograde periods of Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter, in particular, we not only get to check in to see if our outside world is in alignment with our inside world, but we also get the valuable opportunity for global change when we connect to the collective mind.

Right now, although Pluto is in Retrograde he is still in conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn.  Pluto rules the Underworld, and Jupiter rules the Heavens.  So, we have a wonderful opportunity to see how only through the breaking down and chaos of the old, can we move into the peace and prosperity of the new.  Jupiter will expand upon the chaos and the upheaval but only so as he can bring a practical, sustainable and honest solution out of it.  Uranus is in Taurus making sure that all the information and knowledge we need to walk our highest path is being made available to us.  And Saturn in Aquarius is activating that inner rebel in us all.  Although Uranus and Saturn are both in Direct motion at present and therefore focussed on our outside worlds, Retrograding Pluto is asking us to be aware of the collective energy that can only be created when we are all on the same page.  And right now, whether we are rich, poor, black, white, man, woman or child, we are all being influenced and affected by a Virus.  We are also, and at the same time, as individuals and as a collective, being asked to go within and question ourselves, our values, our beliefs and our perspectives.  So, use this time to ask yourself the following:-

Do my thoughts and feelings align with my outer life?

(Am I just doing what I am told even though I don’t believe in it?)

Does what I see and hear make sense but still not sit right with me?

(I am hearing all this stuff, but it just doesn’t make sense or feel right to me?)

How am I contributing to the future?

(Is the life I live and what I do having a positive purpose on the world around me?)

Does what I do contribute to the highest good of this planet?

(How can I be a constructive force on the planet rather than a destructive one?)

It is an incredibly important time for all of us to be aware of our footprint on the world we live in.  And to understand that ALL IS ENERGY.   It’s not just about what you do or don’t do in the outside world, it’s about how you think, what you feel and where you direct the inner you.  Capricorn energy is ambitious, it is hard-working and it is very focussed, so we have this super-powerful energy at our disposal for the entire collective to tune into and use to re-create and re-boot our planet out of this Virus and into a new sustainable, just and peaceful way of BEing and DOing.

Use this time to think, explore and feel what is your truth.  You are loved, you are blessed, and you are divine.  Blessings xox