3 May until 12 October 2024

Pluto the mighty planet of transformation moves into Retrograde motion on 3 May until 12 October 2024.  The outer planets move into a lengthy period of retrograde motion every year giving us a break from their lessons, and allowing us to integrate what we have been learning to date.  So, it can be a time where the pressure comes off us and we can look deeply into our shadow side to see what negative beliefs, toxic traits and destructive behaviours we are controlling and limiting ourselves with.  The planet Pluto is here to teach us about mastership – the mastership of our inner conflicts, our Ego Selves and our emotions because for so long as these parts of us are in control of us, we are complete slaves to the shadow.

The Inner Child effects the Higher Self and Ego Self

So much of what we are here to heal in this lifetime is either created or triggered in our childhoods when we are innocent, open and unaware of who we truly are.  As children we can so easily be hurt, manipulated, neglected and made to feel like we are not good enough because we have not had the necessary life experience to know what is right for us and what wrong for us, and because we naturally believe that the adults know best.

The wounding of the Inner Child then creates a shadow aspect to our lives whereby we may believe that we deserved to be punished or disciplined if we don’t do what is expected of us.  Or, that we will never be good enough for others, or worthy of love, etc, etc.  And these shadows when triggered by more events along the same lines, can then develop into a core belief that we bury deep within ourselves to control us and limit our actions moving forward. Our Ego Self then tells us that this is how we keep ourselves safe.  But the Higher Self can see right through this of course and will be continually there encouraging us to see ourselves more positively and to look at life from a loving  perspective, whereas the Ego Self will be capitalising on those beliefs as emotionally and mentally as it possibly can. 

Pluto represents our shadow side; the part of us that is unhealed, unsure, insecure and unloved by ourselves, and when we buy into this we can then believe that these shadow parts of us would not be loved or accepted by anyone else either. 

What we need to understand is that out of the shadow comes the light!  And that we are a combination of many past lives as well as the current life we are living and that EVERYTHING we have experienced, are experiencing and will experience in the future is for our learning and evolvement.  As much as it may feel this way at times, we are NOT here to suffer.

Healing Energy of Pluto

When we face what we fear, the fear goes away – maybe not entirely, but once it is faced it will never have as much power over us as it used to have.  The energy of Pluto is designed to put us in situations where we have to face what we fear if we are to transform our lives, evolve out of our old habits and beliefs and raise our vibration.  When Pluto is in Direct motion he is putting obstacles in our paths, bringing confronting situations for us to deal with and often relentlessly pushing us to dive into our fears so as we can heal them once and for all.  So, when he moves into Retrograde motion, we get a rest from the challenges of the outside world and instead we get to process and assess all that we are attached too, to discover whether these are healthy for us or not.

Everybody deals with their inner world differently – the healing energy needed for a Scorpio is very different to the healing energy needed for a Capricorn because these souls see life through different lenses and therefore their needs are different.  However, when Pluto goes Retrograde, we ALL need to look at our shadow, accept it for what it has taught us and then make sure it no longer has that same power over us. 

As Pluto is currently transiting through Aquarius it is the shadows of our Aquarian side that we are transforming at this time.  This means that wherever the Aquarian energy sits in your Natal Chart will be where you are being asked to step out of any slave/shadow mentality and become your own master.

The Soul Journey of Aquarius

Aquarian energy is the energy of the rebel, the maverick, the soul who dances to their own drumbeat, the innovator, the inventor, the scientist and the creative.  This is the energy that gives us the ability to move forward, to see things differently, to embrace new and innovative ways of doing things and to find new solutions to old problems.

So, when Pluto is in Aquarius, he is transforming us from being the mindless followers to the mindful leaders.  He is asking us to see the power and purpose behind being different and showing a different way, rather than just going with the status quo. 

For the collective this means we are all being asked to think for ourselves, to find our own solutions and answers, to see being different and doing things differently as being a positive thing and to embrace change as it is the only sustainable way forward.  And being able to see the incredible power we all have when we come together as one – no matter how much they try to divide us.

And for you as an individual, it is all about you facing any fears you have that you don’t fit in, that you are different to others, that you are not good enough, that you are weird, that you don’t see things the same way and/or that you feel being different is a liability.  This is our big challenge and opportunity to start to see how its okay to come to your own conclusions, or to find a new way of doing something, or to come up with something completely different to the ”norm” and run with it.  We are all learning to celebrate our differences in a world that seems determined to divide us, and to see how we are all one.

Change your life with Aquarian energy

During this Pluto Retrograde period don’t be afraid to really look at your fears, your shadow and what you don’t want to deal with or admit too.  The more you can use this time to dive into your inner world the more you can start to see how you yourself hold yourself back by allowing the wounding of your past to affect your present.  Yes, bad things have happened, but that was then and this is now and although you cannot change what went before, you can ALWAYS heal it.

We live in a society where being different is only ever really celebrated if it ticks the boxes and doesn’t offend anyone.  We have been taught to believe that it is better to fit in than not, and to keep your opinions to yourself if they don’t align with the narrative, and to not do things in a way that makes sense to you if its not the way everybody else is doing it.  And NONE of this is what spirits having human experiences (like each and every one of us) are meant to be spending their life doing.  We come here to grow and evolve NOT to be controlled and remain the same.

You are a soul on a journey to understand YOU and to be YOU and to love YOU.  And you cannot do this if you have a shadow within that holds you back and tells you differently. 

So, I am going to give you here some affirmations you can use while Pluto is in Retrograde in Aquarius that will help you to confirm to yourself what a powerful, individual and beautiful soul you are – shadow and all – and to help you to lift yourselves up and out of any negative beliefs that you may have about yourself.





Try repeating one or all of these affirmations to yourself as often as you can every day and see how your energy changes.  Everything begins with a thought, and so when we create positive thoughts, we create a positive life but when we are lost in our negative thoughts, we can only create a negative life. 

Within this Retrograde period, from 3 September until 19 November, Pluto will Retrograde all the way back into Capricorn for the last time EVER in our lifetimes!  This I feel will be a significant month or two as we will be shown the stark difference between these two energies (Capricorn and Aquarius) and how they have been used and manipulated on the earth plane.  This short transit will be an eye-opener for those who still have their eyes closed and will show us all very clearly how change and moving out of the old ways is the ONLY way humanity and this planet will survive and thrive.  It will start to become more and more clear that innovation, forward-thinking, power to the people and self-belief are our power tools for a new world and how each and every one of us has a beautiful gift to develop and share that will be integral to the sustainability and evolution of ourselves and our planet. 

Use this Pluto Retrograde to honestly look at your inner workings and see for yourself where your habits, beliefs and behaviours get in the way of your happiness and hold you back from living the life you wish too.  It is all up to you – your life and your choice – so make it a good one!

Blessings xox