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On 20 January 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius and apart from a brief retrograde back into Capricorn between 3 September and 19 November, he is now here to stay for the next 20 years.  From 2008 we had had Pluto the mighty planet of transformation transiting the very traditional, serious, structured, patriarchal and hard-working energy of Capricorn.  Pluto represents “transformation” and it is his job to help us as individuals to step out of any “slave” or “powerless” position and into one of “mastership” and “empowerment”.

A purpose driven life

We all wish to live a life full of purpose – one where we feel driven to be better version of ourselves through exploring and recognising our gifts and talents and by letting go and healing anything that stops us living that purpose driven life. 

The planet Pluto fully supports this but will insist that you do it his way.  Pluto takes no prisoners in his efforts to help us to understand and know what parts of us hold us back from stepping into our mastership.  He will nudge us and present us with opportunities to step into our power, but if we don’t take the  initiative to do this ourselves, or if we ignore the nudges, he will rip the rug out from under our feet and he makes no apologies for this!

The transformation of Pluto while he was sitting in Capricorn energy was one where we had to look at what we hold on too that no longer serves a positive purpose in our  lives, and then let it go and replace it with something that can take us forward, help us to evolve and bring us fully into our own sovereign beings. 

We have had 17 years of being shown the futility of trying to hold on to that which has passed its true use to us.  Pluto will ALWAYS destroy all and any self-deceptive idealism we choose to live under.  And so, his transit through Capricorn showed us how the structures, beliefs, traditions and ways of being that we have insisted on holding onto, no matter how broken and out of date they are, cannot and will not survive the natural process of change and the evolution of the earth plane. 

And now, he moves into the energy of Aquarius!  This is SO exciting and the change that astrologers all over the world have been waiting for and talking about for quite some time now.  This changes EVERYTHING!

How do I find my Higher Self?

Once Pluto settles into the energy of Aquarius so much around us will start to change and we must change with it.  We are now stepping into 20 years of innovation, forward thinking, higher ideals, common unity, rebellion and the ability to dance to our own drumbeat. 

We are all being asked to step into our Higher Self energy.  And how do we find the Higher Self?  We find it by dropping out of our head space and into our heart space.  We stop analysing and working with old parameters, beliefs and traditions and we create new ones – new ways of being that allow the power to return to the people and to you as an individual. 

We are ALL powerful beings and we do not need to be controlled, told what to do or corralled in any way.  Pluto in Aquarius will  make such things a thing of the past.  The belief that others know what is best for you, or that others would be responsible for you is an archaic patriarchal belief that very shortly will no longer have any power over us.  You see everything is about energy.  The old energy of Capricorn cannot survive in the new energy of Aquarius – the vibrations and frequencies just don’t match so it simply cannot be. 

Historically, whenever Pluto has entered into Aquarius revolution has followed with the power being claimed  back by the people and the rights of every individual becoming of importance so a new way forward can be obtained. Both the French and American Revolutions occurred when Pluto was last in Aquarius!

Pluto in Aquarius not only favours but celebrates uniqueness, alternativeness, different opinions and perspectives and it does not judge.  It also represents rebellion and brings the power back to the people. While Pluto has been in Capricorn and for many centuries before that too, we have lived in a vertical system whereby those at the top had everything and only allowed this to trickle down to the rest of the global population.  We are now stepping into a more horizontal system where we see each other as equals, where we don’t judge differences but rather celebrate them, and where we can step into our God-given and God-intended right to think for ourselves and be the sovereign beings we came here to be.  And where the abundance of this beautiful planet can be shared equally and fairly with all who reside here.

How do I change my life?

Your life is going to change in 2024 whether you act on it or not, simply because of the frequencies of energy being created in the cosmos and also on the earth plane.  And if you want to feel more in charge of these changes you will need to let go and surrender to them.  It will feel right to you to make your own decisions and choices and it will feel very wrong to you to allow others to have power over you.  You will feel a need to distance yourself from such people and situations and as you do you step more and more into your power and awareness of who you are and what you are capable of, and as all of this naturally unfolds within you, you change your life.

Those of you who continue to insist on holding on to the old ways of being and who don’t want to listen to their own intuition and feelings about what they should do and where they should go, will struggle in 2024 unless they surrender to the inevitable change that is coming.  But those of you, and my belief is that there are MANY of us out there, who are willing and able to let go of all that does not serve a positive, uplifting and freeing purpose in their lives, will feel like they have come home. 

The feeling of being able to create for yourself from what you feel and know to be true will be intoxicating for some and terrifying for others, but this is the new way – the way forward for the ascension of Mother Earth and her inhabitants. 

It is time to come back to nature, back to Spirit, to embrace and follow the Universal Laws of the Galaxy.  And it is also a time where massive technological advances can be made and this is something we must also keep in check.  We were all born with creative and intuitive minds and it is our right to use these and not hand such things over to machines otherwise we are just giving away our power all over again.  When we look forward, when we embrace change for all the promise it brings and when we choose love over fear and innovation over tradition THEN we step into the new world we are all waiting for.

So, Pluto in Aquarius is a time for change, innovation, revolution and creativity.  We are all here to play a part in creating this new world and the more you can do so from you heart centre, through the 5D energy and as part of and for the highest good of the collective of humanity, the more of a difference you will make. 

Have no fear, all is perfect just as it is and you are about to find out just how powerful and just how beautiful you truly are as you manifest, expand and grow through this pivotal year.  Blessings xox