We have all lived many lifetimes on the earth plane and for some of you on other planets as well.  Each lifetime is a gift of knowledge for us because the Earth Plane is a School of Learning. 

Your soul is on a journey to experience first-hand all that there is as this is how it learns.  To this end we have all had lifetimes as murderers and we have all had lifetimes being murdered.  We have all had the experience of living in complete poverty and we have all had the experience of living in wealth.  We have had power and we have had nothing.  All of these real life experiences shape our soul and allow it to evolve and ascend through lifetime after lifetime.

You choose your life before you are born and sometimes some of the experiences that you choose to go through before you are born, you then run away from, or choose to ignore or simply don’t see once you are living your life.  Therefore, what we don’t learn in one given lifetime we often come back to learn in the next which can mean that we spend up to 85% of our time stuck in past life energy.

“How to heal your soul”

The more we can understand and accept that the challenges and pleasures that we go through in life have been chosen for us, by us, the sooner we can get on with healing the past and becoming the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be.  We come to the earth plane to grow and to master the ego self, and so often the lessons we have to learn are not new to us.

“how to find your life purpose through astrology”

Your past life lessons are clearly visible in your Astrology Chart and they tend to be based around just a few Houses in your Natal Chart to intensify the learning.  This way the lessons you are here to learn in this lifetime can be contained to just a few areas in your life, and you can be a lot more aware of them and how to deal with them.

When you understand your Natal Chart and are aware of your past life lessons and what you are here to overcome, your life takes on its true purpose and you can move out of fear, confusion and misdirection and into not only who you truly are, but all the gifts and talents you possess.

Because, so often we have also brought through with us from other lifetimes incredible talents, abilities and wisdom that can be of great use to us in this lifetime.  But due to those gifts being used against us in other lifetimes, or not being appreciated in other lifetimes, the fear of going down that road again can be very powerful.

“how to change your life”

If you truly wish to change your life and transform it into a purpose driven life where you feel empowered, proficient, confident and able you must deal with what has gone before.  It is too easy to fall back into old ways as they are so familiar to your soul, however each lifetime is different and we must keep moving forward along our life paths to evolve as Spirits having a human experience.

When we honour and understand our past lives and can understand why we have suffered or succeeded in the past we bring a whole new level of evolvement and understanding to our soul and this is when we find our peace on earth and truly step into our own unconditional love.  The past is our teacher not our jailer and it is up to us to break free of what holds us back so we can be who we truly are.

Blessings xox