Blog Post 20 April 2021

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and so when the Sun enters Aries every year, we, enter the beginning of a new astrological year.  The Sun has been in Aries for its approximately 4-week transit and will now transit out of this sign and into the energy of Taurus.  However, there is some information that I would like to share regarding the start of this incremental year and how the energies are affecting us at this time.

So, if you imagine we have just started a New Year in our Arian costume.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac; the beginning of the cycle of a new year and of course, everything starts with YOU.  When we are sitting in the energy of Aries we are sitting in the energy of individuality, self-need, passion, motivation and self-confidence.  We have a natural need to come first, to be noticed and recognised, to be listened to, and to win.  When we allow this energy to be all that is influencing us, which it will do when the Sun is behind it, we can very easily become stuck in our own agendas as well as in our own belief systems and self-defined rules and regulations.  And so, when we are in this headspace and someone or something comes along to challenge this, it gets our backs up.  I am sure many of you reading this can relate to this right now.  That feeling of wanting to do something, knowing that you need to do something and yet all you are finding around you is opposition or ambivalence to it all.  It’s frustrating and it’s hard work, and therefore makes us very angsty and irrational.  What we are being asked to remember at this time is that it’s OK to follow your dreams no matter what the outside world has to say or do about them.  It’s OK to be you.  You have just started a whole new astrological year, and in a world that is very different to the one you started off on last year.  A lot has changed in this world and the pressure is mounting day by day for all of us to make that shift out of the 3D density and into the 5D liberty.

Life is a flow of energy.  We disrupt the flow when we start to buy into or allow what is going on outside and around us to have more impact and power over us than what is going on inside of us.  You have no control over the outside world; people are always going to do and say what they want to do and say, and it’s up to you whether you allow this to have any impact on you, or not. It’s like you can be on a bus heading for a destination and this is your flow – you know what bus you are on, you are not that fussed on how it gets you to where you need to go, and so you are happy to go with the flow in the knowing that the Universe has your back and everything is perfect just as it is.  Then, along comes a little itty-bitty fear thought; a little whine of discontent or confusion or regret, or a trigger to the past comes up, usually from your outside world, and before you know it, you have been thrown off the bus and are standing at the bus stop wondering where the bus went and how on earth you are going to get back on it again!

This last month of Arian energy has reminded us of our natural state of being and our natural world.  So, if it’s all becoming a bit much for you right now, spend some time outdoors in nature because nature is real, and it supports you and humanity at our primal level.   When we are in our Aries energy we are concerned with our own rights and our own needs and we naturally wish to lead or guide others towards this as well.  But your needs are not my needs, and your wants and desires and perspectives are also not mine, and so the need to come first, be right and be in charge needs to be directed towards something that is controllable – and the only thing you really have any control over in this lifetime is YOU.

Chiron the wounded healer is also in Aries at this time, and so not only are we being encouraged to take charge of our own lives and to be our own leaders and instructors, we are also being asked to heal our deepest wounds – the ones that make us feel like we are not good enough.  Underneath it all the shadow-side of Arian energy is the belief that you are not good enough and this is what is being triggered and activated within us at this time.  It does not take much for this wound to come to the surface, and so rather than react to what is triggering this we need to go deeper; back into our childhood or even other lifetimes, where we have also been made to feel that we were not good enough.  Our time in Aries gives us the opportunity to address those old “not good enough” wounds so as we can feel better about ourselves, our direction and most importantly our own integral and critical thinking.

Now we step into the hard-working, grounded and methodical energy of Taurus.  When we step into the energy of Taurus we are being asked to work with our hands and with that more practical side of us, to achieve our dreams and to progress along our soul’s journey.

Taurean energy is very driven by the finer things in life.  These things make Taurean souls feel safe and secure and to also feel better about themselves and who they are when they can put a nice title next to their name, live in a beautiful home surrounded by lovely things, and have a healthy bank account.  All of these things tend to signify to a Taurean that they have made it in life as they often see all of these things as proof of this.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with aiming high, wanting nice things and enjoying the type of life that lots of money and status can bring, but it is not ideal to believe that such things are your security and safety in this lifetime.

True security comes from within. We have all heard stories and seen images of people surrounded by money and materials assets and how miserable they are, and we have also all seen and heard the same about the complete joy those with absolutely nothing can experience in their daily lives.  Money and all that it brings does not bring happiness – it brings opportunities – but not happiness.  True happiness and peace can only come from within as only when it comes from within can it be sustainable and based on what is real. 

So, the lesson for us all this month starts with our attitude towards money and our security in life.  This is the perfect time for each and every one of you to look at what you worship or desire and why?  And to question yourself on how much real joy would exist in your life if you were to be stripped of all that material wealth and were just left with yourself?  Would you survive?  Would you be happy? 

The beauty of Taurean energy is that it knows and understands for the most part that to have all those beautiful things and that luxurious life you need to work, and that is a good thing.  It would be fairly uncommon for any Taurean out there to just be sitting back with their hand out expecting such things to be given to them.  And so, this month you can also look to what you do and how much of yourself and your energy you invest in getting what you want out of life.  If you truly desire something are you prepared to do the work to get it?  Or do you just feel entitled to it?  Our lives are a co-creation with the Universe, and it is up to you to take the action that then enables the Universe to respond in kind.

This month may also bring to the surface for many of you, your capacity and ability to forgive and compromise with other souls.  Some of us can do this with ease and have no need to hold on to or regurgitate old hurts and wounds from the past.  But if you are a Taurean this is one of your greatest challenges and life lessons.  You are such sensitive souls and when you are hurt you often have this need for the person who hurt you to also feel what you had to feel.  However, sometimes you find yourself unable to express that hurt or even address it – it’s like you know what you want to say, and those words make it as far as the throat chakra area and then they stop, full of fear of outwardly expressing yourself and creating confrontation.

Forgiveness is one of the power tools of the Higher Self – when you step into this energy you set yourself free.  So, take some time this month to allow yourself to let go of what has gone before in the knowledge that it cannot be changed, but it can be learned from.  You are only hurting yourself by not being able to let go, and you don’t deserve to treat yourself like that. 

This is a month for hard work and groundedness and it is also a time for you to explore what you can do for humanity and/or for the environment too.  Taurean energy loves to be hands-on and to create and make from the ground up.  So, gardening, cooking, craftwork etc are all wonderful areas for you to explore this month to see what talents you have lurking there, and more importantly, what can you do or create that the rest of the world can benefit from?

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