Blog Post 29 April 2022

On 30 April we have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus.  Yes, Eclipse season is upon us again and it is time to let go of the past and move forward.  When the Solar Eclipse occurs, we will have the Sun, Moon, North Node and Uranus all in Taurus making it a very interesting event.  At this time, we have so many planets aligned, and not just in Taurus. The planets are lining up to help us, there is no doubt about it, and whether you like it or not CHANGE is here to stay!

Now if there is one thing that Taurean energy does not usually like, it is “change”.  Being an Earth sign it likes to keep things under control and in the right place.  It loves nothing more than a line of ducks in a row – but as we know getting our ducks in a row is more often than not futile, as they never seem to want to line up for long!  However, change is the one constant in this world, and at this time of the Great Awakening, if we cannot embrace and go with change we may as well just pull the covers over our heads and never get out of bed.

Taurus relates to money, security and forgiveness.  New Moons represent new beginnings.  Solar Eclipses represent new opportunities to liberate yourself from the past and embrace new opportunities.  Uranus in Taurus demands change from grassroots level up.  And the North Node in Taurus brings even more change and new opportunities to move forward out of the past, but with the wisdom and knowledge of what has gone before.  And on an historical note, the last time Uranus was in Taurus was between 1934 and 1942 and as we know the world saw unprecedented change then in every aspect of life from the home to the collective.  Money was a particular focus and those who survived and were able to sustain themselves and their lives under the massive changes going on were those who looked to create an alternative, and those who looked outside the box for their solutions.  This time is upon us once again – we must start work on Plan B.

We also have Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all aligned in Pisces energy at this time.  This significant alignment in the most spiritual sign of the zodiac is without a doubt inspiring and encouraging us to look beyond the status quo, beyond this 3D world of lies and corruption and towards alternative ways of living, community, sustainability, love and peace.  We must look further, look forwards toward positive change if we are to survive.  Running from this inevitability is not now nor will it ever be the answer.  However, just be aware however, that this abundance of Piscean energy can also very much encourage us all to bury our heads in the sand or to escape reality in some way, and that is also a non-sustainable practice that is not helping to create a Plan B.

And just to add to the mix the mighty planet of transformation, Pluto, moves at this time into Stationery motion for several months before he moves into Retrograde motion until early October 2022.  Pluto in Capricorn for the last approximately 17 years has been the instigator or the Great Awakening.  It is his job to transform us all on a personal level as well as to transform the planet.  It is his purpose to break down and destroy ALL that does not serve a positive purpose and all that has outlived its use, outgrown its purpose and that is unsustainable.  Most importantly it is Pluto’s job to transform everything that is not working for the highest good of ALL concerned.  To survive, thrive and evolve we must transform out and away from all that serves only the very few.  This is not about just eradicating the old ways; it would be futile to do such a thing without having a replacement or an alternative way that we can put in place and grow with.  We must use the power of Pluto for the greatest good or else all we will manifest is more suffering.

So, as he moves Stationery, we take a big breath in.  We have a holding time to think and prepare for what needs to be done.  We get to make that Plan B and to start to create a new sustainable structure for our own lives as well as for the collective.  But one thing we must absolutely know and accept is that WE MUST CHANGE – this is not an option, or a maybe or even a choice, it is a certainty.

At the time of this first Eclipse of 2022, it is the beginning of being set free, the beginning of our liberation from the old ways that no longer serve us.  And as strange as it may seem, perhaps going forward means we need to look at going back to the old tried and true ways of the past?  Times where it was normal for a home to have a vegetable garden; a time where people worked within their families and communities to help and support one another; a time where trading our gifts and talents, as well as our products and services with our neighbours and community, is more important than your individual wealth.  A time when people meant more than money and where love and support were our greatest trading commodities. 

Now is the time for wishes to be granted, for new opportunities for financial and material growth to develop, and for each and every one of you to set yourself free from the old outgrown limitations of the past.  The planets are aligned to assist us in every way.  So, make your wish at the New Moon, set your intentions and be prepared to embrace and run with the changes that are meant for you at this time.  New Moon Blessings to you all xox