Blog Post 6 September 2021

On 6/7 September 2021, we have a New Moon falling in Virgo energy.  With the Sun also in Virgo energy at this time, we have the symbiotic alignment of our heads and hearts being on the same page, if only for a day or two. 

Interestingly, at this time, all the outer planets – Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron and Uranus – are in Retrograde motion and all bar Neptune who is in Water, are sitting in Air and Earth signs, encouraging us to look within to find our answers and to develop our passions and talents.  And all the inner planets, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury, are sitting in either Virgo or Libran energy – so also immersed in Air and Earth signs.  So, we have this abundance of Earth and Air energy influencing all that we are feeling and doing.  The lack of Fire and Water elements at this time is allowing us to be a lot more present and to seek the clarity and information we need to make our life decisions on every level.  The energy of Air is the energy of imagination, thinking, awareness and openness to all that there is.  And the energy of Earth is about being solid, present, practical and reliable.   With so many of our outer slow-moving planets in Retrograde in the energies of Earth and Air, it is our minds and what we can do with what we think, believe or develop that are important at this time.  And with the inner fast-moving planets also embracing Earth and Air, we have the wonderful freedom to think, create, act and develop ourselves without the encumbrance of heavy emotions or the often misplaced distractions of anger or passion. 

At the New Moon, we set our intentions for the month ahead and so this particular New Moon gives us a wonderful opportunity to look at ourselves and the lives we are living and analyse these to make changes and adjustments based on what is good and practical for us, and what we have given prudent thought and consideration too.  We are not, at this time, overly clouded by our emotions or the need to be right.  Rather we can use our critical thinking and logic to understand what we need to heal and work with and take practical steps from there on in.

The Earth energies are also naturally aligned with the energy of nature and in particular with the energy of the forest and land.  The more we can all connect with nature the better at this time, simply because nature is REAL.  We are surrounded at this time by so much focus on, opinion, misinformation and fear that it is very hard to know who and what is the truth.  However, when we step into nature there can be no doubt that it is real.  And when we are grounded in reality we find our answers, our direction and our clarity.  When you are grounded and in touch with yourself, you are able to make the clearest and most constructive decisions for yourself, and from there take whatever considered and informed action you feel is necessary.  When we are grounded in reality we don’t need to be clouded or confused by what is being said or broadcast, rather we feel what is real and we react and act according to that.

Use this Virgo New Moon to get real with yourself and perhaps with those around you too.  Allow the clarity of this lunar energy to enable you to really know what you need to let go of what you need to heal, and what you need to do to take your power back and create the life you are wanting to live.  It doesn’t matter how uncertain and unpredictable the world around us is at this time if you are solid and certain within yourself.  We cannot change the world around us, but we can always change how we view it and how we react to it.  To focus only on what is wrong, on the division, or the corruption, or on the fear, is a complete waste of your time and energy.  We are being called on to use our Virgoan logic and loyal energy to focus on solutions.  And we are being called on to use our intuition and what we feel to be true, to be our guiding light and to allow us to embrace who we truly are.  Do not allow the challenges around you to control you – you are better and bigger than that.  You are a spark of God, an integral and intelligent part of the Universe and you are here to make a difference, and only by looking within and allowing yourself to connect with what is real can you know what this is and how to act upon it. New Moon blessings to you all xox