Blog Post 16 September 2020

On 16/17 September we have a peaceful and purposeful New Moon in Virgo.  This brings in much needed practicality and grounding to each of us and our daily lives.  It also gives us the ability to manage ourselves and our lives, and to put in place logical and sustainable change and/or processes that are for our highest good, and that also encourage us to pay attention to our own business.  We are at a time where much of what is going on around us is out of our control, and so the best and most productive thing we can do is focus on ourselves, our own life paths, our own gifts and talents and to polish and shine these up to perfection.  Virgo energy is all about perfection and New Moons are when we set our intentions for the month ahead.  So, set your attention on being the best you can possibly be, perfect your gifts and do not allow any fear of failure or of not being good enough to get in the way of your progress and your soul’s journey.  Use this New Moon energy to focus on the construction and management of what means the most to you, as well as what you are best at, and try not to buy into the drama and the conflict of the world around us.  It is an illusion, based on fear, but when we base our thoughts and our actions on Love rather than Fear, we stay safe and strong in our own energies.

The Virgo New Moon is also a reminder to us all of the importance of cussing on our own physical health.  Our bodies are the vessels for our souls, and so we need to honour and take care of these as without that vessel our soul has nothing to ground it and take care of it on here earth plane. And the change of Seasons, no matter where you are in the world, is always a great time to look to cleansing and clearing out your body from the energy and pollution of the Season before.  It never ceases to amaze me how throughout this entire Covid pandemic how not one official, authority figure or world leader has said to us, “Take care of yourselves, look after your immune systems, get lots of Vitamin C and D, etc, etc”.   However, perhaps this is also just another reminder to us all from the Universe that YOU and only YOU are responsible for your health and wellbeing?  When we take care of ourselves and every aspect of our health from the physical to the mental to the emotional to the spiritual, we not only feel better, but we are empowered at every level.  So, for many of us, the energy of this Virgo New Moon can be just the motivation and the wake-up call we may need to put some healthy self-care plans in place.  We have both the Sun and the Moon in Virgo at the time of this New Moon so lots of support for our focus and our health, both externally and internally.

At this time, we can all harness the organisational as well as the healing energy of Virgo to make sense of our lives and to stay calm and centred within our own energy.  I encourage you to use the beautiful New Moon lunar energy to set your intentions for a healthy, productive and constructive month ahead and to do so in the knowledge that when you attend to such things, in your own way and with your own energy, you are completely honouring your soul on its journey.  And please, do not buy into or allow the fear being presented to you to be absorbed into you or into your life.  There are many out there with much to lose, and they are naturally fighting hard and fighting dirty to hold on to this, but we do also know that they are losing their grip and that Love can and will conquer all.  New Moon blessings to you all.  xox