Blog Post 11 May 2021

On May 11/12 we have a New Moon in Taurus.  This New Moon will join the Sun and Uranus already sitting in Taurus to create a stellium of energy for the earth plane.  When the Sun and Moon sit in the same sign of the zodiac it’s as if our hearts and heads are on the same page, and therefore it is easier for us to come to decisions and make choices based on what is best for every part of ourselves – our physical AND our emotional wellbeing.  And as New Moons are the time of the month where we set our intentions for the month ahead, this is a brilliant time for setting up our building blocks for the month(s) ahead and taking practical, solid and sustainable steps forward towards our goals and dreams. 

However, what this convergence of Taurean energy also creates is a lot more stubbornness and an inability to compromise on things that may be very close to your heart.  If there is one thing, although I do know there were many things, that we learned from 2020 it was to expect the unexpected – and that my friends is the work of Uranus.  No matter where you were in the world last year, life was NOT what you thought it was going to be and you were faced with huge changes around you which were designed, in the big picture, to create changes within you.  When there is chaos around us, the worst thing we can do is buy into it, and the best thing we can do is rise above it. 

Over the last 18 months or so many of you have faced incredible challenges and difficulties in your personal lives, careers, families as well as within the collective and every single one of these challenges were presented to you to see if you were going to buy into the negative/fear aspect, or not.  Some of you found it very easy to disconnect from the outside world and the collective learning to stay in your own energy and be your own sovereign being, but at the same time, you may have allowed the fear energy to infiltrate your inner world and challenge you with personal fear lessons.  And for others, you could stay strong in your own personal stuff, but the collective fear brought you to your knees.  It has not been easy no matter how you saw it all and reacted to it all and so you may find now, that either much has actually changed considerably in your life, or, that you are stuck where you were 12 – 18 months ago, simply because the life you wanted and the trajectory you thought you were on has changed, and you have refused to change with it.

Life is a flow of energy and you are part of that flow.  When you buy into fear or allow your Ego to encourage you to focus only on what you want even when all the signs around you are telling you that this is NOT the direction for you, you step out of the flow.  And when you step out of the flow it’s like sitting in your car at traffic lights that say green, but your car won’t move.  You are pressing your foot on the accelerator as hard as you can, but still your car is not moving in the direction you want it too, or not moving at all.  And this is because that direction is not meant for you.  It doesn’t matter how much you think you want it or how much you believe it is meant for you, if you are hitting roadblocks and things are refusing to move and flow in that direction, then that direction is NOT MEANT FOR YOU. 

From a collective experience, the same thing is happening.  We are being exposed to huge amounts of information and disinformation from a very one-sided media as well as through the relentless conditioning of the powers that be, who through fear-based control wish for us to move in a certain direction.  So, there is this external fear being presented to us on a daily basis that is not part of the Universal Flow of Life either, because it is not based on love.

So, at this New Moon, we can use the practical and methodical energy of Taurus to put our building blocks in place that will take us back to our own sovereign selves and back to honouring and believing in what is for our highest good.  The heart and the head can align at this time to give you the grounding and insight into yourself and what is best for you.  With your heart and your head aligned you can see deeply into your path and know what is meant for you, and what is not.  If that thing you have been wanting or yearning for has not manifested for you, then at this New Moon you can forgive this and let it go and in doing so re-join the flow, get your car moving at that green light, and allow the Universe to guide you towards what IS MEANT FOR YOU. 

Taurus energy also brings the learning of forgiveness and so at this New Moon it is a powerful and pivotal time for you to look towards what you need to forgive in your life, and for many of you, forgiving yourself can be the biggest and hardest thing to work through.  I cannot emphasise enough the importance of you understanding that YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. And therefore, there is nothing to forgive.  You are a soul on a journey of learning, and you are not always going to get it right, in fact, you are going to stuff it up time and time again until you learn what you need to learn, and all of that is OK. 

Use this New Moon energy to FORGIVE.  Forgive those who have hurt you because they taught you to value yourself;  forgive the past for all that it has taught you about yourself, and forgive yourself because you were just trying to learn something.  And once that forgiveness is in place, you can start to build sustainable, self-worth and self-love based building blocks in your life to create from and to step into the more powerful evolved and loving YOU.  Set your intentions on forgiving all that has challenged you, spend time in nature to ground and align yourself with Mother Earth and step back into the flow that IS for your highest good even (and especially) if it does not align with your Ego.  You are a soul on a journey of learning and the only way to move forward is to let go.  New Moon Blessings to you all xox