Blog Post 28 February 2022

We have a New Moon in Pisces on 2 March 2022 bringing in beautiful stimulation and motivation for us all to follow our dreams, connect with our intuition and explore our creativity. 

New Moons are always the time of the month to set your intentions for your month ahead.  This Piscean New Moon is asking you to dream and to believe in the magic of your dreams.  When we have strong Piscean energy like we will have at this time with the Sun, Moon, Neptune and Pisces all sitting in this energy, we can connect to our magic.  Your magic is your ability to see past what is right in front of you.  It is your ability to tune in to the world around you, to believe in what feels right for you and not be afraid to explore your creative and intuitive side.  However, when we have magic in the air, we have to be open to the fact that both the darker and the lighter sides of magic will be all around us, and therefore both available to us.

So, at this time not only can we be presented with divine and beautiful ideas, insights and dreams for now and the future, but we can also be presented with our shadow side and all the fears we hold within us.  Our sensitivity to all that there will be increased at the time of this New Moon, and so that exposes us to both sides of any story or belief.  Therefore, it is very important at this New Moon that we all keep our focus on what is positive, uplifting and inspirational in our lives, rather than on anything that brings us fear or upsets us in any way.  But, as I said, the shadow may still be presented to us and when it does it can be all-encompassing as it usually connects directly to what we are feeling and amplifies that in some way.  So, just as much love and positivity can be prevalent at this New Moon, so also can be what you fear the most, and your focus needs to be on the former.

The power of “2” that has been all around us and particularly so since the beginning of February, is all about allowing us all to see the 2 sides of us, our duality – the Higher Self and the Shadow Self.  The number 2 also represents balance and so if we are out of balance and reacting too much or operating too much from our shadow sides, then that is what will be your work to heal at this time.  And if you are too much in your Higher Self side, you may not want to admit or recognise what is yours and may prefer to bury it back inside of you somewhere, and this too will not be for your highest good.  People may easily trigger you and help you to identify what it is that you still fear or that holds you back in any way.  So, try not to project your shadow fears onto others, rather use this time to remember when you last felt this way, and from there when you first felt this shadow fear, and where it came from.  It is very rare for an issue you are going through right now, to be only about right now.  It is ALWAYS about something unresolved from your past.  If you don’t go to the source of the wound or the crux of the matter, it will never be fully healed.  Putting a plaster over today’s wound will not heal the wounds of the past, so if those triggers find something – work on it, accept it and forgive it, as it cannot be changed but it can be transformed.

At the time of this beautiful New Moon in Pisces set your intentions to let go of your shadow and to heal the pains of the past so as you can move forward with clarity, confidence, self-love.  Assure yourself that you can manifest from your higher consciousness from here on in, rather than from your fear-driven lower consciousness.

At this New Moon we not only have the power to set our intentions, but it is also a very good time to take action too.  Manifesting from your thoughts is very easy at this time, so make sure your thoughts are positive and then that is what you will create.  I feel that the month of March will be a great month for manifesting in general as it feels like it is time for everyone to exercise their rights to stand in their own power.  We have been held back and we have held ourselves back, and now we have the green light to take action on taking our power back and living our lives as we see fit.

Believe in you, believe in a better world and believe in this world’s ability to heal itself and to find and create peace.  Use the energy of the New Moon to set your goals for the month ahead and then hold that vision strongly in your heart to make it real.  Be aware of your thinking as every thought creates an energy and particularly when you think badly of yourself, you can invite in very negative energies that will then try to keep you in that way of thinking.  Remember you are a divine soul on a journey and when you stand in your own power, nothing can stop you.  New Moon Blessings to you all xox