Blog Post 13 March 2021

New Moons bring new opportunities and the energy to make new beginnings in your life in any way you may choose.  The sign of the zodiac the New Moon sits in will resonate with a certain area in your Natal Chart bringing opportunities, learning and transformation of some sort in that particular area of your life.  So, for instance, if in your Natal Chart the Piscean energy sits in your 1st House of Self, then this New Moon will be about your personal dreams, fantasies and hopes and will give you new insights into who you truly are and how in alignment with the true you, your dreams and imaginations actually lie.  And as the 1st House also represents your physicality too, those with Piscean energy here may find at this New Moon that their imaginations are running wild, but their bodies may not have the energy to keep up!  And, if you have Piscean energy in your 10th House of Career then your dreams and imagination can really fuel your career aspirations and allow you to make connections and have things fall into place with an easy flow.  Pisces is the energy of the dreamer, the artist and the creator and it also connects very strongly with the energy of the Spirit world.  This New Moon occurring just before the March Equinox is already helping to thin the veil between the Spirit World and the Earth plane giving us all, at this time, the opportunity to connect more strongly and clearly with our Guides and Helpers and to also have the ability to manifest from that space of creation, imagination and belief.

There is magic all around us as well as all through us, and this dreamy New Moon is an opportunity for you to see and believe in magic and all that you can create in this world through the use of this energy.

At the time of the New Moon, we have the Sun, Venus and Neptune also sitting in Pisces and all within very fine degrees of one another.  These conjunctions are supporting the Moon’s transit and will bring out the dreamer in all of us, making this a powerful and transformational time for putting our dreams into reality.  A dream is just a dream until you allow it out of your head and onto paper or put it into action.  Many of you hold on to your dreams with a very tight grip believing that they are better kept close to you where they feel safe and cannot be destroyed or tainted by the opinions of others.  So many of you believe that your dreams are just that, just dreams that are your happy place in your mind or that lovely idea that you aspire too but maybe don’t want to risk making real for the fear of failing or destroying that special dream.  But, for so long as you only dream you are but a dreamer, and this New Moon is a reminder to you that there is a time to dream and a time to make those dreams your reality. 

As we move more into the Great Awakening and humanity goes through the process of re-inventing and re-creating a new world there is nothing we need more than our imaginations and our ability to create from what we feel to be right and what we feel to be true.  When there is passion and belief behind a dream it activates that dream and can then turbocharge it into reality.  So, I would encourage you at this New Moon to be aware of your dreams; of what you aspire too and what you wish and hope for to become your reality, and then take a step in that direction.  And to also allow yourselves to be as present as you possibly can in this New Moon energy.  By being present I mean to really allow yourself to love, enjoy, participate in and be a part of whatever is going on in your life right now.  Love who you are, who you are with, what you are doing and every moment with an energy of belief in what you are capable of, and faith and hope in your purpose on the earth plane at this incredible time.  You are a soul on a journey of learning and transformation, so don’t be afraid to allow all that you dream and feel to be as real as all that you can touch and hold – you are the manifestor of all that is present in your life, and you are a divine gift to this world.  New Moon Blessings to you all xox