Blog Post 7 October 2021

Today’s New Moon in Libra is a chance to focus on the importance of balance in your life.  We are so often constantly being pulled in different directions with different demands on our time and energy, and to this end, it can feel that you have no real control over your life and how to best navigate it.  Balance can seem so hard to achieve and this is usually because when weighing up the factors and what we should or should not be putting our energy into, we tend to put our own needs last. 

At this Libra New Moon, you can set the intention to better manage and even master your balance.  New Moons are our monthly opportunity to put out there what we wish to achieve or work on over the next 28 days.  The cosmos is charged at this time with opportunities for growth and new beginnings, and so when we harness and work with this naturally evolving energy, we align ourselves with the Universe and the Laws of Nature.  We can use what is naturally and abundantly available to us by way of intention and focus.  So, we have the opportunity today to look within our emotional worlds to where we favour the needs of others ahead of our own, where we take ourselves and our relationships too seriously, and to where we may feel that what we believe or resonate with is not viable or worthwhile enough to share.  So often we see our own needs, wants and beliefs as being secondary to keeping the peace or to what those around us might need, and for so long as we hold onto this belief, we will never get what we want or go where we need to go. 

You can use this New Moon energy to go within and see what is out of balance in your world.  Right now, in the outside world, there is so much imbalance and craziness and there is no way you, as an individual, can change this, but you can change what is inside of you.  It may seem irrelevant or useless to focus on yourself when there are so many other bigger things happening out there, but what we have to always remember is that if we don’t serve ourselves and treat ourselves with the love, respect and honour that we deserve how can we possibly expect anyone else to treat us that way, or to have the capacity to embrace and succeed in life. So, even though it may seem or feel somewhat futile or senseless to only focus on you at this time when you create a peaceful inner world for yourself everything around you can and will change to meet this vibration. 

The planets are now, one by one, starting to move back into Direct motion and so this New Moon energy gives us one last push to master that inner world, to make peace with who you are, and to find that necessary balance between what you give out and what you receive.  Due to the nature of the emotional energy of the Moon combined with the balancing energy of Libra, you may find that to find that inner equilibrium you may have to sway from extreme to extreme – so a lot of anger and emotion may come up to be released and healed, and there may also be a stronger need to compromise and to surrender what you can now see is not worth fighting over.  Whatever comes up for you is what needs to.  It is coming up because it is time to release this feeling, thought or emotion as it no longer serves you in a positive way.  You may also discover at this time a new way of communicating and mastering your relationships with others as you are better able to let go of sweating the small stuff, and also better at picking your battles.  Set your New Moon intention to find that ever important inner balance this month and set your intention on being at peace and balanced within.  The more inner work you do now, the better equipped you will be for the outside world and the role you also have to play there. New Moon Blessings to you all xox