Blog Post 31 July 2019

Tomorrow we have a New Moon in Leo.  This is the first New Moon since the powerful eclipses of July and it is offering us a chance to step out of the work and into the reward.  At the time of the New Moon we get a chance to set our intentions for the month ahead and, thanks to the eclipse energy, we can do so with greater insight and awareness as to what we do best and what is best for us.  The eclipse energy allowed us to let go of certain aspects of ourselves or our lives and to look forward at the same time with a new perspective. On top of this, the pressure of the retrogrades is giving us valuable insight into who we truly are and what we need to change.

July was a very challenging month and now things get to calm down a little as we move through August.  But there is still work to be done, and it’s the important inner work that is so essential to our happiness and success in this world.  For as long as the major planets are in Retrograde motion there are lessons to learn and work to do on ourselves.  This is the purpose of Retrogrades – they are a necessary evil that forces us to do the inner work that we would normally prefer to ignore, sweep under the table, or deny.  Your life is a work in progress and so are you.  So, when you work on progressing yourself you work on progressing your life.

Here is what the Retrogrades that we are currently experiencing mean for us:

PLUTO Retrograde = an inner journey to see where you are in need of mastery and where you allow yourself to be a slave to your inner world or the dictates of others.

SATURN Retrograde = going within to focus on your self-discipline and to take responsibility for all that you are and all that you do by accepting all parts of yourself and putting a value on all that you have to offer.

NEPTUNE Retrograde = digging deep into your psyche so as you can see where you have created illusions in your life and how to see through these to what is for your highest good.

CHIRON Retrograde = coming face to face with your greatest wound so as you can understand it and from there heal it and take charge of your life as a whole person without pain.

JUPITER Retrograde = delving deeply into your natural gifts and talents and recognising these for the strength that they have and how by embracing them you can grow and expand to your highest potential.

MERCURY Retrograde = a time to re-assess and re-visit your plans and dreams for the near future to ensure that all that you wish to move forward with is in alignment with you and what you wish to achieve.

Mercury Retrograde also finishes today, with Mercury turning Direct tomorrow in Leo.  This will mean that we have the New Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Leo energy and that really does bring the fun and the joy back into our lives.  The heavy serious Capricorn energy is still there, but for now, we can take a break from all of that and spoil ourselves a little.  All this hard work we have been doing on our inner selves can now have a result of sorts.  You can take that wonderful new self-value and self-worth you have put on yourself and use it in your outer world.  Venus in Leo is a wonderful time to change your style, get a new hair cut or update your wardrobe in some way.  Your sense of beauty is enhanced and you want to share this with the world.  And Mars in Leo is giving you all the drive and passion you need to put yourself out there and shine.  Mercury in Leo gives you the “gift of the gab” the ability to charm, educate and enlighten through humorous and easy communication, as well as all the necessary enthusiasm you need for your new projects and anything else you wish to give birth too at this time.

So, we really can take our learning hats off and have some fun in August. Joy is back on the menu and you are allowed an extra serving at this time.  But do just be aware of the Leo love for drama.  Don’t let passion turn into anger or enthusiasm turn into obsession.  Use your energy to be all that you know you can be and to motivate and inspire those around you to do the same.  And put in place at the New Moon your highest intentions for inner transformation as well as for outer success over this next month, so as you can reap your rewards at the next Full Moon.  Blessings xox