Blog Post 30 May 2022

On 30 May 2022, we have a New Moon in Gemini.  New Moons are the energy for new beginnings and this New Moon takes that to a whole new level.

Gemini energy is a very busy and versatile energy – it is inspired by travel, communication and diversity – and when we add a New Moon into its energy, we can really start to feel things move.  If you have an interest or work in the areas of writing or travel this can be a fantastic time for you to set your intentions for what you wish to achieve in these areas over the next month or more.  Focus your intention on what you wish to manifest at the New Moon and send that out to the Universe as a thought/intent within your own mind or say it out loud.  We are still in Mercury Retrograde until 3 June 2022, so you may feel like you are champing at the bit; feeling a huge need to move forward and activate those things you have been working on or desire so much to happen, but we don’t quite have the green light yet. 

What will be further encouraging action and forward movement is the Square between Mercury (who rules Gemini adding to that energy) and Saturn.  Now if Mercury is all about movement, action, quick communication and imagination, and Saturn is all about structure, discipline, hard work and focus, when these two meet in a Square (“squaring off” against each other) sparks will fly!  I would not try to achieve too much at this New Moon, as even if what you are trying to do is meant for you, the trickster Mercury will be on the loose, and with Saturn, the taskmaster right beside it, any actions that are not meant to be at this time could result in harsh lessons.  Communications, in particular, can be affected by this aspect, so watch out for small-mindedness, pettiness and misunderstandings, particularly in relationships.  You may feel very compelled to have your own way and to push on relentlessly even when it feels like there are brick walls all around you.  The energy is not right, at this New Moon, to take absolute action.  It is better to focus on that action and revisit it to make sure it is EXACTLY what you want to do.  The abundance of Gemini energy at this time will enhance your need to multi-task and to perhaps have your fingers in lots of different pies, but under these planetary influences acting on such things may well see you running around in circles and achieving very little.

At the same time, we have Mars Conjunction Jupiter.  When two planets “conjunct” one another they add to each other’s energy and expand upon it as a combined thing as well as with their individual power.  Mars brings strength, action, tenacity and motivation to the ever-expanding manifestor, Jupiter.  So, once again the energy will feel like it’s all ready to go and NOW is the time to act, but once again I caution you to take your time and do your due diligence first. This aspect brings over-confidence and increased self-importance.  Therefore, if you act and react to this without giving it good thought and consideration you will find yourself in a state of self-servitude where only what you want is important and this makes you very single-minded and selfish.  You have wonderful resources here to increase your confidence in yourself and your goals, as well as strong optimism that things will work out even better than you hope, and you have the focus and discipline to move forward.  So, use this energy wisely – store the feelings and encouragement this aspect brings to you for the (not too distant) future, ground yourself in the belief that you can manifest and achieve all that you set your mind to – and then this energy will be ready as the wind beneath your wings, in just a few weeks’ time for you to act on. 

Another important Aspect for us all to be aware of at this time is Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn.  Pluto is the great transformer, and he works with our shadow side.  It is his job to take that negative, toxic, scared, dark side of us and make us face up to it.  We cannot transform ourselves without changing ourselves.  Your insecurities, triggers, fears and limiting thoughts are not the work or responsibility of anyone else in your life but you.  YOU have to go deep into these to heal them and to find the incredible talents and abilities that are lying just beneath them.  So, this Pluto Retrograde cycle will take us to the deep wounds of our past where the hurts still sit waiting to be healed.  Some of those wounds you will be very aware of, and how much you wish to avoid or ignore these, and some you may have buried so deep inside of you that they will surprise you when they come to the surface.  The energy that feeds that shadows side is so often one of lack of self-worth; perhaps someone told you when you were 5 years old that you were fat, or perhaps when you were 7 no one picked you to be on their team, or perhaps when you were 13 all your friends were blossoming into their beauty, and you were still the ugly duckling? Or perhaps the wounds you bury are even harsher or deeper than these?  Whatever your wound is and however it occurred it is part of your learning and does not make you a bad person and it certainly does not make you worthless.  At this time, it is very important that we are gentle with ourselves, and we don’t allow the darkness to take us down the proverbial garden path to a place we don’t need to or want to go.  There is so much hurt and despair in the world at this time, and the more sensitive you are the more you will be feeling it and perhaps taking it on board as your own.  We need more light to combat this, and so in times of struggle and fear, just say to yourself  “I am in the Light and of the Light” and you will feel your aura and light energy expand all around you and you will feel safe and secure inside that energy.

The world is changing and evolving faster than we think and it can make you feel like you have no power over anything anymore, so be kind to yourself and let go of judgement, especially self-judgment.  You are a soul on a journey of learning, and you are doing great! 

At the time of this New Moon in Gemini set your intentions for the month ahead to be open, communicative and cautious.  Be prepared to listen as much as you speak and don’t spread yourself too thin in your efforts to expand and grow.  New Moon blessings to you all.  xox