Blog Post 8 July 2021

On 9 July we have a New Moon in Cancer joining the Sun in Cancer.  New Moons represent new beginnings and our monthly opportunity to set our intentions for what we wish to have and manifest in our lives. 

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon so at this time our feelings, emotions and intuition are heightened.  We have the very real opportunity to feel into what we want and what we believe.  Our sense of compassion and empathy is highlighted and although this can allow us to be very caring and understanding towards others, it can also make us very sensitive here too.  So, it is a beautiful opportunity for us all to practise giving that same compassion to ourselves that we can so readily give to others under this influence.  This month and its New Moon are a powerful opportunity for us to focus more on what is for the highest good of ALL rather than what is for our own personal agenda. 

We live in a very practical world where we have been programmed to believe that it is only what you see that is real.  When we accept this type of life and are stuck in these very limiting beliefs, we only see what we want to see, and what is being presented to us.  However, there is a whole other world out there and a whole other perspective available when we choose to look further than the material and what is right in front of us. 

We all come into this world and into each lifetime highly intuitive, as Spirits having a human experience.  However, as time goes on, we are conditioned by society and those around us to let go of what “feels” right and rely more on what is logical, practical and more often than not, what has always been that way.  As we step into the Great Awakening of the planet, we are going to see more and more the importance of looking past what we have been taught to believe.  It is time to look within, and this month’s New Moon is one of our best opportunities to begin.  Cancerian energy judges and processes through how it feels, but it is also a highly intelligent energy.  And so, it offers us the divine opportunity to see life through two lenses: the lens of the practical and logical way and the lens of the intuitive and feeling way.  And this is also the beautiful fusion of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. 

One of the most important things we need to do right now on the earth plane is balance out the energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine so as they can have equal power over us and so as they can lead us to solutions, experiences and outcomes that encompass ALL the knowledge we need to be strong, sure and loving in our decisions and actions.  When we operate solely from just one perspective we are out of balance, and we do not have all the information and awareness that we need.  And so NOW is the time to really begin to integrate these energies that are present in each and every one of us, so as we can create a more loving, self-assured and compassionate world where no one person’s needs are any more important than another’s.

Use this Cancerian New Moon to find your compassion and to use this to be kind to others and to yourself.  Allow what you feel to be true to have precedence in your life over what you are being asked to believe.  If it doesn’t feel right to you, then it’s not right for you, and no amount of logic or practicality will change that.  Honour what you feel, it is real, it is true, and it is YOU.  

Cancerian energy is also known as the “mothering” energy of the zodiac.  Mothering energy is the energy of creation, and so at this New Moon we have the ability as well as the opportunity to give birth to something new and the means to manifesting this are simply to believe that you are worth it and that it is meant for you.  Feelings of being hard done by, or not appreciated enough, or treated unfairly in life will always stand right in the way of what you wish to create if you focus on them as your reality.  Nobody said that your life was going to be fair or easy and without challenges, and therefore how you perceive it to be is, and always will be, your greatest power tool.

“Where the thought goes the energy flows”.

So, at the time of this beautiful Cancerian New Moon, it is your opportunity to align what you feel in the most positive and compassionate way, with what you wish to achieve.  To believe that you are worthy of whatever it is you desire because if you have any doubt or thoughts that such things are not meant for you, then that is exactly what you will create.  Never doubt that when it “feels” right to you, and no matter what else is maybe going on, you can rely 100% on that feeling because it is coming from your Higher Self and it is part of your destiny.  New Moon blessings to you all  xox