Blog Post 29 June 2022

The New Moon in Cancer on 28/29 June 2022 aligns with the Sun in Cancer to bring us a depth of feelings and emotions.  For many of you, and particularly those of you with strong Water energy in your Charts, your emotions are where you think, create and react from, and this can very much work in your favour…, or not!  This New Moon will be squaring off against mighty Jupiter in Aries who is on a mission to get his own way.  Therefore, what we feel during this time can be far too based on our own feelings and insecurities rather than on what is real.

Being in touch and connected with what we feel is vital for us all as Spirits having the human experience.  When we are in Spirit the only emotion we have is Love, there is nothing else relevant or pertinent in the Spiritual realms.  However, the Earth plane is a Pandora’s Box full of the opposite emotion, Fear.  Both Love and Fear are strong emotional energies; one pulls us up to the heights of happiness and bliss and the other drags us down into the depths of negativity and despair.  So, when you are born with strong Water energy in your Chart (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) your emotions are always going to pull you towards their needs and their beliefs, and it can be extra hard for you to stay in a balanced emotional state. 

The greatest life lesson we can all learn is to detach from our emotions.  This does not mean that we should detach from feeling anything, it means that we need to detach from allowing what we feel to control us.  For so long as you allow how everything makes you “feel” to dictate your thoughts and actions you are a slave to your emotions, and you will live your life on an emotional roller coaster ride; going up and down with whatever is around you or affecting you.  And when you live your life like this you have no power, and you live in constant fear of the next hurt or the next challenge.  I lived in this energy for many many years (being a Cancerian, with a Pisces Ascendant and a Scorpio Mid-Heaven)  until I learned to get off that crazy ride and find myself and my peace.

This month’s New Moon in Cancer will bring our emotions to the surface as the Sun’s placement in Cancer is already directing us towards this part of our learning at this time.  During the next few days your emotions, and particularly if you have not learned any disconnection practises, could very much be all-consuming and all over the place.  The depths of feeling at this time can bring out all the buried anger, frustration and vindictiveness that you have been trying to keep a lid on, and you must be very careful how you “dispose” of this energy.  The whole world is on tenterhooks, we have ALL suffered on a very deep level over these last 2 years and so for many of you, there is SO much fear and negativity sitting just below the surface, just waiting for its chance to release itself from you.  And it needs to be released but NOT onto another soul.  With these heights of emotion, it could be very easy to just allow yourself to be tipped over by the silliest thing; road rage, broken appliances, technological challenges, you name it, it can and will get to you at this time.  But, if you are aware of this, you can get a handle on it and release it in a way that will not hurt another soul.  You can try writing, strong physical exercise, a good cry, or a good scream into a pillow or into nature, to release this energy.

This all sounds a bit doom and gloom, and so I also need to point out that the abundance of Cancerian energy can also bring out your deepest compassion, empathy, understanding and love for those around you.  You may feel compelled under this influence to shower those you love with affection and attention and to go out of your way to help those who need it.  This is the positive use of this energy, and if you can tap into this side of it, you may find that you can mend broken fences and repair past hurts due to your ability to see love rather than hate as the solution. 

Cancerian energy also has a great love for the past and what has gone before.  Cancerian souls often convince themselves that if they were to just focus more on how things played out in the past, then they will be completely protected and prepared for the future – but that is of course not true.  So, if issues from the past present themselves to you at this time, observe them and see them as something that you have learned and therefore probably do not need to repeat and let them go with love.  And with the Moon in Cancer everyone’s intuition and psychic awareness will also be enhanced, so look for those synchronicities and magical signs around you – they are always there – but you may find that you notice them a lot more at this time. 

New Moon blessings to you all and I encourage you to set your intentions for the month ahead to be ones of understanding and acceptance for all of humanity and to set your emotions to positive.  BE the love you need to receive as what you give out comes back to you.  xox