Blog Post 31 March 2022

On April 1 2022, we have the first New Moon of the astrological year falling in Arian energy.  The New Moon joins the Sun, Chiron and Mercury already sitting in Aries, and in doing so forms a very powerful conjunction. 

A conjunction between planets occurs when the planets transit within 10 degrees of one another, and at the time of the New Moon they will all be within only several degrees of one another.  What this means is that the planets concerned amplify and support one another with a strength of comradery.  The coming together of these planets at this time signifies the importance of standing in your own power as well as the need to work with others.

So, firstly we have the Sun in Aries bringing us all to a point in the year where we are encouraged to focus on ourselves, our goals, our ambitions and our own way forward.  The Sun in Aries brings optimism, passion and clear thinking and especially so when we channel this energy into our projects and plans for the next 12 months or so. 

Next to the Sun, we have Chiron the wounded healer.  This planet’s transit through Aries has the purpose of healing our deepest wounds so that we can let go of any feelings of inadequacy, not being good enough, failing as leaders and running away from independent action.  We all carry our wounds of feeling not good enough that get in the way of us being able to see our true perfection, abilities, gifts and talents.  The powerful Sun in Aries at this time can give us the motivation and the direction to push ourselves out of old outdated pain and negative ways of thinking about ourselves, so as we can heal the pain of the past and Chiron will encourage us to go as deep as we need too so as we can clear as much as possible. 

The New Moon in Aries is representing our emotions and our emotional connection to leadership, independence, and how we see ourselves.  This Moon illuminates all that we have buried within us that we have found too difficult to deal with.  All those feelings of not being good enough, in particular, may come to the surface at this time, so you can heal them and free yourself of them. 

And Mercury, the planet of communication, brings out our need to speak up, ask for help and communicate what it is we feel, and what is we need to heal at this time. 

This is a powerful line-up of planets all ready and willing to assist you in your greatest healing.  Arian energy is a very black and white energy and so it can be very easy under this influence to only be prepared to see things from your perspective.  But at the same time, it can also cut to the core of everything by stripping away all the illusions and stories you have told yourself to date to try to justify why you feel you are not as good as others, or why you won’t step into your own power.  So, don’t be afraid to sit with what you feel; to analyse it objectively and see how such negative ways of thinking have no positive impact on you or on your life.  And then to simply let those thoughts go. 

New Moons always symbolise new beginnings and are our monthly opportunity to set our intentions for the month ahead.  This New Moon sets the tone for 2022 as well as our month ahead – it is our new beginning and new opportunity to change the way we think of ourselves.  We cannot heal the world until we heal ourselves and the more peace and confidence you can hold in your heart in relation to yourself then the more peace and confidence you can hold in your heart for the planet as well. 

Use this powerfully confident, independent and passionate energy of Aries to stand in your own power and push yourself out of complacency, out of indifference and apathy and out of any feelings of inferiority or failure and look instead to your brilliance and all that you can be.  The world has been through many upheavals of late, and the one thing that these upheavals were absolutely designed to do was change us and change us for the better.  So,  keep looking forward, keep focussing on the life and the world you wish to live in and be prepared at all times to change, to evolve and most importantly to let go of ALL that does not serve a positive purpose in your life.  You are a powerful soul on a journey, and you are loved.  New Moon Blessings to you all xox