Blog Post 9 February 2021

On 11 February 2021 we have a New Moon in Aquarius.  This freedom loving Moon aligns herself with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn giving us an abundance of Aquarian energy designed to affect each and every one of us in many different ways.  Some of you may have already noticed the shift in energy, I know I certainly have.  I am noticing a sense of freedom and liberation that is very thought-provoking as well as perspective enhancing, as I feel the encouragement to stand even more in my own truth.  New Moons represent new beginnings, so at this time we get our first real chance to look at all this Aquarian energy that is designed to play such an important role on the earth plane over the next few years, and we can also start to see what we, as individuals and as communities, can do with it.  As this Moon has so much support from the other planets in Aquarius it cannot help but affect each and every one of us in some way, and how it affects you will be dependent on wherever the Aquarian energy sits in your Natal Chart.  Where the Aquarian energy can be found in your Natal Chart is where you will experience a new beginning at this time.  This could be anything from a new relationship to a new perspective, whatever it is, it is exactly what you need at this time to step out of the old and into the new.

Aquarian energy equals freedom: the freedom to be who you are, to be different to others, to dance to your own drumbeat, to think outside the box and to find new solutions to old problems.  At this time, however, my feeling is that the most powerful purpose of this energy is to give us the absolute freedom to be who we truly are.  Freedom means many things to many people.  From a spiritual perspective, we are being reminded of our ability to think freely for ourselves, and to not be afraid to speak up and give birth to the power of individual thoughts and understandings.  Remember you did not come here to just exist – you came with a purpose.  Those of you reading this who have already managed to stand in your own truth and embrace your own individuality are more than ready to get on with the creation of our new world, but for many, the fear of the truth can be too much to bear, and this keeps them frozen in inaction. 

New Moons represent new beginnings and Aquarian energy represents forward-thinking and humanitarian based beliefs.  At the New Moon, we set our intentions for the month ahead and we then do the work that is necessary to achieve those intentions.  However, at this New Moon, due to the very harmonious Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Aquarius, it can be like your Fairy Godmother has come to town and is offering you opportunities and advantages that can enable your dreams and wishes to come true.  So, don’t be afraid to put out to the Universe what you wish for from the depths of your heart and soul.   Set your intention as the “stars are aligned” for you at this time.  This magical energy of manifestation gives us the ability to break down barriers and walls that have kept us controlled and imprisoned, and to move out of the old and into the new.  We have the opportunity to be given the lucky breaks and new beginnings that we need to take that next step and keep the faith.

Your innovation and creativity will come out at this time and this is not a time to doubt what you feel or believe.  Remember it’s very hard to sell or even advertise a secret… so speak up, step up and face whatever manufactured fear that is holding you back.  As we are in Mercury Retrograde at the moment, it is not an ideal time to act on what you wish to change, be or do, but it is an excellent time to finetune your ideas so as when this Retrograde period is finished, you will be ready and fully confident to take your next step. 

This abundance of Aquarian energy along with a blessed New Moon is stimulating all of our creative thinking and humanitarian awareness and as wonderful as this may sound it cannot and will not come without its share of chaos and upheaval.  But this also plays its own role as so often to truly, sustainably and positively create change, everything that came before it needs to be destroyed or dismantled in some way.  The only thing that can stop or hinder this process of enlightenment and evolvement is Fear.  So, no matter what is going on in your outside worlds DO NOT buy into the fear.  See the chaos, the change, the disruption as a cosmic washing machine – without the agitation of the water and the addition of the soap nothing would get clean.  And okay being tossed around in a washing machine may not be a lot of fun – but we all know it’s a necessary process to rid us of the dross we have been through and the end result will always be a fresh, clean version of you that is equipped and ready to move forward.  We need to move out of Fear and into purpose, and we cannot and must not ever give up or rollover.

So, this Aquarian New Moon is calling out to all you visionaries, inventors, problem solvers, truth-seekers and lightworkers to embrace what is dear to your heart and what is your truth.  Use this New Moon to fuel those ideas in your mind, to put on paper or out there in some way what is important to you and don’t be afraid to share this as it is as much our ideas and perspectives that can unite us with others as it is our actions.  We are all finding our own tribes, soul groups and “people” at this time and it is only when we are each brave enough to speak our own truth and share our own thoughts that we can productively and purposefully connect with one another.  Humanity needs to unify to move forward; to understand that the power lies with the people.  So, dare to be different, the Universe has got your back!  New Moon blessings to you all xox