Are you lying to yourself and living under an illusion?

On 3 July 2024 the planet of imagination, illusion and deception, Neptune moves stationery and then into Retrograde motion in Pisces.

Neptune is a very slow-moving planet and he is now in his 15th year in Pisces, and he will move out of this energy and into Aries in 2025.

So, every year for around 5 months this giant of a planet slows down, moves into retrograde motion and creates an opportunity for us all to dive deeply into our minds and into our shadows.

The concept that there is no right or wrong does not sit well with many people as there is often a need for rules, and limits and for things to either be one thing or another.  But the problem with this is that we all see life differently – we all have our unique perspectives and perceptions of what is going on around us and therefore there can be no right or wrong, as its all up to how YOU perceive it to be. 

The planet Neptune is very aware of this and is always encouraging us to look more deeply into things, but  not in a “do your research” way, more in an imaginative, creative and inner way.  Neptune deals with our perception of life and this is why he is known as the planet of illusion – because it is all an illusion.  In fact, if you really want to take this further, we can even say that nothing is real and EVERYTHING is an illusion – simply because we are all perceiving reality in a different way.

So, the challenge of Neptune is that wherever he sits in your Chart will be where you can’t see the woods for the trees, where you struggle to see the reality of the situation and where because of this you will tell yourself stories and follow illusions that simply are not true. 

Neptune takes anywhere from 12 to 20 years to move through a sign of the zodiac because this is how long it takes to shatter an illusion.  The first stages of Neptune transiting a sign of the zodiac will be the full illusional qualities where you are just not seeing the truth or the realty of the situation outside of yourself, or within ourself.  And then the middle stage of Neptune transiting a sign of the zodiac will be when reality and the truth start to emerge and there is then either the complete denial that this could be true, and/or a need to run away or bury your head in the sand rather than accept the dissolving of your illusion.  The final stage is when we see through the illusion to what is actually going on, what is truly real and what is our reality and we act upon this.

So, now that Neptune is in his final months in Pisces, we are very much at that end stage.  Illusions, out-dated beliefs, lies, falsehoods, delusions and fantasies are all breaking down now as Neptune makes his way through the last degrees of Pisces, and it can’t come fast enough as far as I am concerned.  The age of illusion we have been living under for many years now has culminated with Neptune’s 15-year transit through Pisces – the energy of illusion.  Neptune is at home in Pisces and therefore even more powerful in his threads of illusion and fantasy and nowhere has this played out more obviously than in the world of social media!  We have been programmed to believe all that we see and read on our social media platforms and on mainstream media too.  We are living under the illusion that we need to know what celebrities eat for breakfast every day.  And we are under the illusion that the powers that be have our best interests at heart.  And we are under the illusion that money is the answer to everything.  So many illusions all designed to keep us in fear, and to keep us from knowing and feeling the truth within us all.

The last time Neptune was in Pisces prior to his move into this sign in 2012 was from 1847 until 1862 and during this time the world saw through the illusions of slavery being a good thing and also began to see socialism as a way forward.  Here we can see that at the beginning of Neptune’s transit in 1847, slavery was common practise and not seen by the majority of humanity as a bad thing – the illusion was in place.  But as time went on our natural humanitarian instincts began to push back at this illusion and things began to change.  And then, thankfully, slavery was abolished.

While Neputne has been in Pisces since 2012 we have seen incredible change in the world as we break through the illusions of power, corruption, narcissism and greed.  And once he moves out of Pisces and into Aries next year, we will be able to see with a lot more clarity where these illusions came from as well as what to do to shatter these.

Now, I have talked a lot about the collective illusions of Neptune in Pisces but of course there are always our personal illusions.  And these are the illusions, deceptions and fantasies that we tell ourselves.  How many of you reading this can recognise that you tell yourselves stories at times to make your life feel a bit better or perhaps to feel a bit more justified in your actions?  How many of you fill in the gaps and make up scenarios about people and circumstances in your life when you don’t have the facts?  And then how many of you start to believe these stories? 

During Neptune Retrograde in Pisces we can dive deeply into our own world of illusion and find the clarity, reality and truth that we need to step into our power. For so long as we believe our illusions we are clinging on to thin air.  There is no more need for you to believe that lies/stories you tell yourself than there is for you to believe the lies/stories that others tell you – so its time to get discerning and allow yourself to FEEL into each situation to find the truth of the matter.  Question everything, especially your Ego Self as it loves nothing more than to lead you down the proverbial garden path. 

When Neptune moves into Direct motion in Pisces in mid-November you can then step forward with clarity having defeated the voices and stories in your head and in the knowing that although the truth may hurt – it will always set you free!  Blessings xox