Blog Post 15 October 2020

Mercury is now in Retrograde motion in Scorpio for the next approximately 3 weeks.  Mercury Retrograde is the Retrograde we are all the most familiar with, but this doesn’t make it any easier or less challenging to deal with.  Retrogrades do tend to get a bad rap simply because when a planet is in Retrograde motion YOU are the one who needs to do the work!  They give you the opportunity to sort out your inner world so as you can succeed in your outer world.

Mercury Retrogrades give us the opportunity to re-assess, re-visit and re-look at where we are at and where we are going.  They are really a pause in the flow so as we can all take a breath as well as take a closer and more intimate look at our lives and where we are headed.  In many ways, I see this as humanity’s relief, that we are able to use this time to do that inner exploration, or else we would all continually be in “doing” mode, and always looking outside of ourselves rather than inside.

This is the final Mercury Retrograde for 2020 and this one falls in the super-sensitive energy of Scorpio.  During this Retrograde period, it will therefore be very easy for us to feel that we are the victims of outside events and outside influences and that if the outside world would just be kinder and nicer to us, then we would be just fine.  The conundrum of Scorpio is that it craves power and loves to be in charge and to be in control of what is going on around it, but when it can’t be in this position it can immediately fall into victim mentality, feeling very hurt and hard done by due to not getting what it wants.  What we are all being asked to understand is that there is simply no power to be had when you play the victim.  You are NOT a victim of anything but your own thoughts and perspectives.  And you and only YOU have the power to change this.  During this Retrograde period, you will be asked to delve through your negativity and where you feel like a victim or victimised, so as you can step out of this way of thinking and into your own power.  In today’s environment, there is so much fear and negativity being served up to us on a daily basis by the outside world, that this backward journey of our planet of communication through the sign of feeling is really meant to open our eyes to what we can take charge of, and what we can’t.  Under this Retrograde your Ego could be in full swing, blaming everyone and everything around you for your unhappiness and perceived failures in life, and trying to assure you that the more you listen to the fear the more aware and defendable you will be for the future.  Do not allow your Ego Self to take you on this negative dance – instead, be the positive change and change your inner narrative to match this.  This is a time to take back your power by focussing not on the negative but on solutions.

Mercury is not the only planet in Retrograde motion at this time.  Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected change and independent thinking is currently in Retrograde in Taurus.  This journey is encouraging us to let go of the old to make way for the new.  As you look inwards at the way you go about living your life and how much your thinking influences this, you have the opportunity to let go of what you may have stubbornly held on too for way too long now, so as there is room for new, innovative, sustainable and productive changes to come your way.

Chiron, the wounded healer,  is in Retrograde in Aries.  When Chiron goes Retrograde, we all go deep; deep into the wounds that we have brought through from other lifetimes, as well as deep into the wounds we have sustained in this lifetime.  We look to heal ourselves by taking responsibility and ownership of our soul journeys.  This is a wonderful opportunity to do some deep healing and to bring out of this a new way forward for yourself, and a new sense of leadership and capability utilising your greatest gifts and talents.  When you do the work of Chiron you become the healer and teacher you were destined to be and you really start to make the changes in the world that you were destined too before you were born.

And we also have Mars the planet of drive, passion and determination in Retrograde in his home sign of Aries.  Even though this planet is currently in Retrograde motion this is not dulling down any of his power and his need to make changes, have his own way and be heard.  Mars is the planet of war and so within you at this time, you may have found a few wars waging!  So, as they are inside of you then the only person you are at war with is yourself.  Think about this – think about what you think about.  What inner conflicts do you project out on to those around you?  And what can you do to change conflict and war into peace?  This is your challenge with Mars Retrograde – to find your peace amidst the chaos.  Because when you can do this and find your own space of harmony and joy within yourself, you have found a jewel, a prize and a gift that can easily, readily and passionately be shared with everyone around you.  We cannot have peace in the world until we each have peace in our hearts.  You are here at this time, having this human experience because you chose to help create this peace.

So, under the influence of all these Retrogrades at this time it is way too easy to be volatile, angry and self-serving, but none of these emotions are the answer.  We all need to look positively and productively towards our future, no matter what it looks like out there in this crazy world right now.  Because if we buy into the narrative of fear and control, we are falling into victim mentality, not empowerment mentality, and we are not embracing our Higher Selves and who we truly are.  There is much darkness in the world at this time, and Mercury Retrograding through Scorpio will most surely bring out more hidden agendas, truths and fears, and as much as we may not like this, we have to acknowledge that we cannot heal what is a secret and we cannot fix what is hidden.  Remember, only Light can penetrate Dark – dark cannot penetrate Light and you are the Light.  So, shine brightly, without fear and find your inner peace so that can shine brightly too.  Blessings xox