Blog Post 8 July 2019

Mercury, the planet of communication has turned Retrograde in Leo, and we will now experience the second Mercury Retrograde of 2019.  As I am sure you will all remember the last Mercury Retrograde was not a fun time for many, and this current one will also carry challenges of its own.

Mercury Retrograde is a time to go within, to re-visit who we are, what we are doing, where we are going and to give ourselves time to make changes and shifts here so as when he moves Direct in approximately 3 weeks’ time, we can move forward knowing that we are right on track, we have ticked all our boxes and we are ready for the next step along our soul journeys.  The challenge with this Retrograde phase is that for the first half of it Mercury is conjunct Mars.  Mars is all about action, about putting your own needs first and about competing and striving to have the power and the force.  So, we have a bit of a “push me pull me” thing going on, whereby Mercury Retrograde is saying let’s take our time and have a think about all of this before we make our next move, and Mars saying lets go for it right now, your needs are all that matter and you have a right to have whatever you want, now. 

So, as you can see this is a very important time for us to stop and think before we speak or react to anything over the next couple of weeks.  It will be so easy to go down the argumentative, power play and/or mind game road under this influence, and we all know that such behaviour is never for our highest good or the highest good of those around us either.  Yes, your needs are important but rather than acting on them at this time, it will be better for you to stop and evaluate why you need what you feel you need, and how would be the best way to go about achieving this using all your intelligence, talents and empathy for yourself and the world around you. 

Mercury starts this Retrograde phase in Leo, so with this sign of the zodiac there is the need there to be recognised and appreciated and this will fuel Mars even further.  However, during this Retrograde phase Mercury will move back into Cancer, and once this happens and the Mars influence is not there so strongly any more it will be much easier for us to show compassion empathy and understanding to ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in.  So, once again, stop and think about everything that is going on in your life BEFORE you react to it and you will be in a much more harmonious and powerful place when we move into August and out of this energy. 

As the planets move they form aspects, or relationships, with one another, and as Mercury moves into Cancer to join the North Node, he will move into opposition with transformative authoritarian Pluto in Capricorn.  We have for most of this year already been dealing with the power of Capricorn opposing the power of Cancer, and this next transit brings another aspect of this into our consciousness.  It gives us the power and the ability to better use our words and our actions to express what we feel and believe and to do so for the highest good of ALL concerned.  We can find ways to use our words and our expression to make sense of the world around us and of the journey we are on at this time.  The lessons of Pluto can be much more easily used and applied when we aren’t taking them so personally or allowing them to affect us so emotionally.  So, we can use this Mercury Retrograde to re-evaluate how we go about getting what we want from life and to formulate ways to express ourselves that will allow us to be heard and get what we want and need from those around us.  Pluto opposing Mercury at this time, gives us the opportunity to dive deep into our inner worlds and transform ourselves where we feel like we are victims, to become our own saviours. 

So, during this Mercury Retrograde period take your time with everything.  Listen to your internal reactions to what is going on around you, and do not judge yourself or the situation.  Instead, just look and listen to what is going on, sleep on it, take your time, and then when you are feeling peaceful and in control of your feelings, decide what is the best action to take, or reaction to have.  And most importantly, be kind to yourself on this inner journey.  You have done nothing wrong you are just here to learn, so let go of the guilt, the fear and any insecurities that hound you, and forgive yourself by putting the past behind you, being the best you can be, and embracing the lessons learned.  Blessings xox