Blog Post 17 June 2020

On 18/19 June 2020, we have our second Mercury Retrograde period for 2020.  Mercury will be in Retrograde motion in the emotional sign of Cancer until 11/12 July 2020.  So, firstly, as with all Mercury Retrogrades do make sure you back up your computers before this starts!

Mercury joins Venus, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter who are already in Retrograde motion, and during this, we will also see Neptune enter his Retrograde phase as well. So, that’s A LOT of planets in Retrograde motion and it couldn’t have come at a better time for humanity in general.

Retrogrades give us an opportunity to revisit ourselves, our lives, our intentions, our thoughts, our actions and everything about ourselves really, so as we can check that we are on track, are in alignment with who we truly are and most importantly that what we are planning or working towards in our near futures, is what we wish it to be.

When Mercury Retrogrades in Cancer the theme we are re-visiting and re-assessing is our own wellbeing, especially on a mental and emotional level.  We have all been through the wringer over the last few months, one way or another, and it has been challenging for us all on an emotional level.  We now have three weeks to heal ourselves from the fear that has enveloped this planet.  Although Saturn is temporarily in Aquarius, we are still feeling the influence of his transit through Capricorn, and it is this transit alongside the other planets also moving through Capricorn over the last year or two, that has really shown us all how much we allow fear and control to have power over us and to dictate to us how we should feel and what we should do.  Fear is the opposite of love.  We cannot live in fear and love at the same time.  Fear is the darkness and Love is the light, and there is no doubt at this time on the earth plane, that the fight between Dark and Light is being projected to us in so many different ways and means. 

We now have the opportunity to look at our fear – really look at what it is and how it makes you feel.  Does your fear limit you?  Does it stop you from living and loving your life?  Or, does it just keep you stuck in your uncomfortable comfort zone to scared to change or take a chance on your own magnificence?  We have an amazing chance to get a grip on fear and to allocate it a very short leash from which we can control it and overpower it when we need too.  We can spend this time focussing on what terrifies us and all the negative scenarios and fantasies that are out there, or, we can focus on what makes us feel happy, peaceful, loving and free.  

 “Where the thought goes the energy flows”

When we sit in fear energy we are limited, we are down, we are weak, our immune systems are compromised, and we end up stuck in victim mentality.  But when we sit in love, we have SO much positive energy to empower us to listen to our intuition, to stand in our own power and to embrace our own intelligence and understanding.

We are all blessed with our own divine intuition and intelligence, yet time and time again we allow ourselves to believe that what is outside of what we feel has to be the truth.  Why?  Because we are conditioned that way.  We are not taught how valuable our own feelings, intuition and intelligence are and so we don’t give them the time and energy for which they were intended.  Your happiness, your peace and your freedom are your rights and although you may feel that others take these from you, or limit your access to them, at the end of the day YOU always have a choice.  You can buy into fear and put your energy in that direction, or, you can buy into love and allow that to be your purpose.

During this Retrograde period teach yourself to listen to your heart and in doing so be kind to yourself.  Stop beating up on yourself and allowing fear to dictate your life and your future – you are better than that.  Assure yourself constantly that you are safe and secure.  Take care of your emotions and your mental wellbeing, and if you are struggling, ask for help.  You are stronger than you think and more loved than you can know, and you are here to be an integral part of these massive changes happening in our world.   Do not allow what is broken outside of you to  break what is inside of you.  Do not allow yourself to be separated from humanity – we are all one.  And do not allow fear to be your master.  Use this time to process what you have been through over the last few months, and to step out of this with love, confidence and the strength to know that we have the ability, when we all stand together, to create a new reality that embraces ALL of humanity and our entire planet.   Blessings xox