Blog Post 9 May 2022

May is a very big month from a planetary perspective.  Up until now, we have had a lot of Piscean influence all around us and this has enhanced our creativity and increased our spiritual awareness which has been wonderful for growth and personal understanding.  However, the downside or challenging side to Piscean energy is the need to escape reality.  Sometimes the cold hard facts of life and the harsh reality of this world can be too hard to handle, and so we retreat into ourselves, or we find ways to hide from this.  When the going gets tough and our sensitive nature feels threatened it is only natural that we either try to hide or escape or that we try to deceive ourselves and manipulate our way out of what we don’t like.

As we enter May the focus comes much more to Arian and Taurean energies.  So, we move from dreaming, creating and visualising our futures and paths, into taking action on making them real. 

So, on 10 May the first big move is Mercury turning Retrograde.  Mercury is the planet of communication, travel and mischief, and he moves into Retrograde motion usually 3 times every calendar year.  However, this year, he will Retrograde 4 times!  This Retrograde move is in Gemini where Mercury is 100% at home.  Therefore, the usual themes of Mercury/Gemini energy will be particularly relevant.  It is NEVER a good thing to sign important documents or make major commitments during Mercury Retrograde and this one will be no different.  Mercury loves mischief and Gemini is very good at “inventing” any missing details.  So, using this time to re-visit, re-assess and re-evaluate what you are doing and where you are going is the best use of these next 3 weeks.  Make sure that you have crossed all your “t’s” and dotted all your “I’s”, that you have ALL the facts you need, and that what you are working on, and planning is truly what you wish to move forward with.  Mercury will be in Retrograde until 3 June and so we have around 3 weeks to reaffirm who we are and where we are going. In amongst this transit period there will be lots of other planetary activity going on to further complicate as well as accentuate the importance of this time. 

At the time of this Retrograde Mercury will square the Moon which means that emotions will be running high.  It could be very easy to get into arguments and disagreements with others especially if the situation is an emotionally charged one.  And you may find that you are arguing as much with yourself as you are with others.  Your opinion and your perspective will be your absolute focus, and this is never ideal with Gemini energy, as it is renowned for making up the missing pieces to suit itself, rather than looking for the truth.  Anything that is close to your heart and important to you, you will not want to budge on during this Retrograde period indicating that you may be far too emotionally attached to outcomes than is healthy.  We co-create with the Universe and so both parties have roles to play in your soul’s journey and so when you choose to only focus on you, you can easily blank out what the Universe is trying to bring your way.  So, go with the flow as much as you can as the Universe ALWAYS has the big picture and can always be trusted to have your best interests at heart.

As Mercury moves into Retrograde and puts the brakes on forward movement, Jupiter moves into Aries.  Now Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the most determined, self-serving and action-driven of the fire signs.  So, when the mighty planet of expansion and manifestation, Jupiter, moves into this energy you are ten foot tall and bullet-proof, your ideas and your leadership are the only way forward, and you are filled with optimism.  Now, this is all very inspiring and promising on the surface, but when we have too much focus in any one area of our lives, we can burn out as easily as we can start a fire.  It will be vital, especially while we are in Mercury Retrograde, that you review everything you are working on AND that you are prepared to listen and learn as much as you are prepared to talk and instruct.  Arian energy does not like having to listen to others or to feel it is in a subordinate position or does not have the power and leadership it craves, and due to this can be very headstrong, forthright, tactless and self-serving.  Jupiter expands on everything that he touches, and so not only can he improve your optimism and get up and go this month, but he can also bring out those sides of you that don’t look to the needs of the collective and others, but only wants what benefits it on a personal level. 

Jupiter in Aries is fearless and will give us all the courage to move forward with our dreams and plans for the future.  Jupiter will stay in Aries until 27 October 2022 after which he transits back into Pisces for a couple of months before moving into Aries again in late December for the next 13 months or so.  So, this transit between 10 May and 27 October is our first taste of what is coming for us next year.  Opportunities should present themselves now as an insight into what is coming for you from December 2022 onwards, or they could be presented to you now to develop something now.  In general Jupiter in Aries is very positive as it encourages you to believe in yourself, and to believe in what you are capable of bringing to the table outside of yourself too.  Jupiter will also encourage us to expand our spiritual nature and our beliefs here so we can feel that amazing co-creation energy that we share with the Universe.  So, embrace that courage that you will be feeling and use it to take a step forward.  Mercury Retrograde or not, you can take a step in a direction, but you just don’t take off at 100 miles an hour.  You take a step, you observe and study this, and then you take your next step.  Once Mercury turns Direct on 3 June, we will all not only have the green light to take action, but we will feel it and move with it in a natural flow.

So, over these next few weeks allow yourself the space to grow.  Go with what is being presented to you and allow it to play out as it is intended.  We can use the abundance of Taurus energy to take definite, informed and practised steps forward putting in place the cornerstones of what is valuable to us.  And we can use the Arian energy to push ourselves, to believe in ourselves and to stand in our own power.  Blessings xox