Blog Post 7 September 2020

On 9/10 September 2020 Mars turns Retrograde in his home sign of Aries.  When any planet is in its home sign of the zodiac it has A LOT more power, just like we have when we are in our own home space – we feel confident, powerful, in charge and intent on having things our own way.  Mars is the planet of drive, determination, motivation and passion and Aries rules the head, leadership, our individuality as well as our need to think and act for ourselves.  So, when we combine these two energies together, we have a melting pot of emotions and a great need to be in charge and to take the lead for what YOU feel is the way forward.  Mars is also transiting through Aries this time for a lot longer than he usually does, he will be in Retrograde until mid-November and once he turns Direct again, he will remain in Aries until March 2021.  That is a long time for the planet of fire to be burning hot and strong, and therefore many things will come to a head and change under this influence

Usually, when a planet moves into Retrograde motion it is a time to go within and to reassess what we are doing and the particular area that planet and sign are affecting.  And this will still be the theme with the Mars Retrograde, however, the difference is that we will not want to go within, as these energies want to be heard and want to take control and be in charge – even when they are in Retrograde motion.  Mars in Retrograde is turbo-charged, not quiet and introverted, rather it is on a mission to make things happen and to bring things to fruition.

In general, this energy is going to have you feeling angsty and wanting your own way, and everyone else will be feeling exactly the same way.  We will have an incredible amount of focus and determination to move forward, both as individuals and as a collective and no-one is going to want to be told to calm down or relax.  The frustrations of lockdown and other divisive actions that are beyond our control at this time will be a real sticking point for many people, and as more and more is revealed, the anger and the need for action will be everywhere.  Frustration and anger will be far too easy to buy into during this time, and not what will help or heal any of what is currently happening in our world. 

BUT it is NOT all doom and gloom.  Mars in Aries is giving us all a voice, he is determined to get to the bottom of things, and he has all the energy, motivation and determination to do so.  I feel that this energy is very necessary at this time to initiate and power the massive changes that need to be made on the earth plane.  SO much needs to be broken down so as it can either be rebuilt in a more acceptable, balanced and equitable way, or we create a whole brand-new alternative.  For so long as the old ways are there and not working for the highest good of ALL concerned, we will have friction.  And Mars in Aries has the job of bringing all of that to the surface, as we cannot heal or rebuild a secret.

Mars represents passion and motivation and leadership and so we can use his Retrograde energy, in particular, to look to where your passions in life lie.  This energy can also be well used to give you the motivation and direction to look more deeply into your goals and dreams for the future, and what you can be planning, creating and implementing behind the scenes to make these a success.  This is also wonderful energy to remind us all that we are each here to be responsible for ourselves and for our own soul journeys, and NOT for the responsibilities and journeys of others.  When you focus on you and what you can do, develop, manifest and put your best focus and purpose into, you stand in your power and you become the creator rather than the receiver, and you become the magician rather than his rabbit. 

Right here and now, no matter how much Mars in Aries is pushing your buttons and making you feel like you need to take action and you need to be heard, it is NOT a time for stepping out and making things happen in your life as you will only meet with opposition, which will then just zap your energy, put “spanners in your works” and create even more frustration and anger that is already simmering just below the surface.  Working behind the scenes with all the passion and belief in yourself and your goals that you can is your way forward and the best way to use this energy for your own highest good, as well as the highest good of those around you. 

Everything happens for a reason, and I believe that this particular transit is beautifully placed at this time to pique our awareness of all that is not right or out of balance in our personal worlds as well as on this planet.  Anger can be very detrimental when it is used in its raw form, but when it is transformed into motivation and passion it can turbocharge us forward and allow us to work long and hard towards our goals, and when we do this and really channel our energy and focus into being the best we can be, there will always be successful and beneficial results on a grand scale at the end of it.

So, focus your energy at this time on what needs to be polished and completed in your life and what you DO have control over, and try NOT to put any focus on events outside of you that you cannot control at this time.  Everything happens for a reason, and all is perfect just as it is – yes even when it doesn’t feel or look that way!  We are changing and evolving, and a beautiful new World awaits us all on the other side of the chaos and change.  Blessings xox