From 1 May 2024 until 9 June 2024, we have the planet of drive, determination, motivation and action moving into his home sign of Aries.  This is a real game-changing energy at our disposal but one that needs to be handled very carefully.

What is the most determined placement in astrology?

In astrology there are two aspects that we consider to be the most determined aspects created, and these are Mars in Aries and Mars in Scorpio.  Souls born with either of these placements in their Charts are incredibly determined, motivated and driven to go after what they want and believe in. 

Now this may seem like a great way to be; a person who can achieve anything, who is not afraid to put themselves first and who does not give up at the first hurdle, and this is all very true and is highly admirable and a wonderful way to get where you want to go and have want you want to have in this lifetime.  However, there is naturally a shadow side to this too.

This type of determination is very ego driven.  There is a powerful need with Mars in Aries to come first, to be heard, to be the leader, to have things your way and your way alone and to go after your goals whatever the cost – and it’s the whatever the cost part that is the challenge.  Trampling women and children to get what you want out of life is never a good way to be.  Yes, we should put ourselves first and go after what is important to us and meaningful for our lives, but we must do this in a way that is  not going to hurt or upset another soul, and also in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned.

Aries being the first sign of the zodiac has a natural deep need to come first and to be recognised as a leader and/or as an individual – this energy is what comes with the territory of an Arian.  Mars rules Aries and so when he comes home to roost, he has every intention of flexing his muscles and making everyone aware of his importance and need to be noticed. 

How do I heal my life?

When Mars moves into Aries he will join Chiron, the North Node and Mercury who are all currently also sitting in this energy.  This means that the planet of action is going to stimulate and activate each of these planets as he makes his 5-week transit.  This means that he will stimulate and activate our need to heal any wounds we are carrying (Chiron) that relate to us not feeling good enough.  Most likely one of the ways we will react to this is by defending ourselves and fighting back.  He will also activate the North Node in Aries bringing more opportunities that we will feel compelled to take.  And when he activates Merucry in Aries it will be our ability to speak up, to be heard and to articulate our needs and visions that will come up.  What he will probably least like to do is listen to others, take instruction from others, be in any type of subordinate position or ask for help.  So, if you are already inclined to be one or all of the above, this is a big wake up call for you to change the way you go about things, as it will be painfully obvious to you and those around you, that if you push and don’t relent, you will meet complete resistance.

Use the energy of this transit to get your dreams, projects, ambitions and actions off the ground as you will have unlimited energy to do so.  Find the passion you are needing to get things started or to bring them to fruition, but most importantly, be aware of those around you and their needs too. 

Here is the link to a short video regarding Mars in Aries:-

Yes, we are in a time where we are being encouraged to put ourselves first, think for ourselves and act accordingly, but it has to be for the highest good of ALL concerned – not just about you and your success and needs.

Use this incredible energy to:-

  • Explore your deepest wound and take action to heal it
  • Take and run with opportunities presented to you
  • Articulate what you know to share with others clearly and concisely
  • Believe in yourself and all that you are capable of
  • Use your power and authority wisely and for the highest good of ALL

Find your power within and don’t be afraid to shine – you are a soul on a journey and now is the time to really know who you are and what you are here for.  Blessings xox