Blog Post 15 March 2023

Mars, the planet of drive, determination and motivation has been transiting through Gemini for many months now and we are all, as a result of this, starting to feel a bit frazzled, overwhelmed and even angry.

Mars is all about taking action and getting things happening.  He brings passion and volatility to all that we do and does not work well with sustained change, long-term results and things that take time to evolve or come to fruition.  He wants it all his way and he wants it now!

Gemini is the busy sign of the zodiac.  This energy makes us think faster, be physically busier in all that we do and to be a lot more curious and mentally active in our daily lives.  Gemini energy is also renowned for being “the jack of all trades and the master of none”.

So, when we combine these two energies together for months on end, the result is that we can very easily wear ourselves out DOing and at the same time achieve very little along the way.  And when we get into this sort of behaviour, we self-sabotage, we beat ourselves up for not being consistent, and we naturally feel overwhelmed and frustrated with all that is going on around us as well as within us, because it’s all just too much.

It has not been an easy time, but I feel the real purpose of this long slow transit of Mars is to make us very plainly and clearly aware that we CANNOT do everything and that it is not our job to take on responsibility and action for others, and that when there are too many options or directions or needs to answer we need to go within.  I know for myself that much of what I tried to achieve over the last 4-6 months has been one step forward, two steps back. And I am aware that this is caused by the overloading of myself with options and responsibilities.

We have all be made very aware of what is still sitting on that back burner waiting for its turn, and of what we have applied ourselves too during this time, that has not been our best work and therefore not given us the results we were looking for.  We cannot do or choose everything that is presented to us, no matter how important or good it may be for us.  If there is not the time or energy to devote yourself fully to something, then you will either put it off, or start it and not finish it. 

This Transit has been about teaching us to be more discerning and selective with our energy, time, motivation and action.  We cannot and should not do everything that is presented to us mainly because we are not some type of robot that is programmed to obey or to always do what is in front of it.  We are human beings with the ability to discern, evaluate and decide what is best for us, what we are capable of and where we wish to put our energy.  When we are overwhelmed with choices and change, we have two choices;

1 – have a go at everything to see if it works for you (however with this option you strip yourself of your ability to sustain anything or complete any task),

Or, 2 – go within and give yourself time to think and ascertain which opportunity you have the ability, time, energy and sustainability to take on, develop and conclude.  And I feel it is option 2 that we need to put our focus on.

On 26 March Mars will finally transit out of Gemini and into Cancer and so we now need to start preparing ourselves for this next transit by focussing more on what we each need as individuals to NOT feel overwhelmed and unsustainable.  When Mars is in Cancer the focus becomes self-love, self-worth and self-belief and so if we enter this next transit feeling overwhelmed, not good enough and burnt out, we will find it very hard to step into the empowerment of self-love.

So, be kind and gentle with yourselves. Take a load off your already overloaded plate – you don’t have to do it all, and you should not expect this of yourself or allow anyone else to expect this of you either.  The more love, confidence, belief and worth we can put on ourselves the more we grow in every way, and therefore the easier it then becomes to take on more, to be more and to grow more, because you have a concrete unshakeable base to operate from.

Let go of the distractions, the reactions and any feelings of not being able to deliver in your life.  You have been through enough, its time for a break and to stop DOing and start just BEing.  For too long we have been indoctrinated to believe that if we are not DOing, we are unproductive and a waste of space, but in actual fact we are not built or designed to be switched on constantly, we need rest and we need respite.  With all the planets in Direct motion until the end of April, we will all still be feeling the push to DO from the outside world for a wee while yet, and we can still move forward, but do it in your time, in your way and with YOU coming first.  Blessings xox