Blog Post 16 July 2019

Today we have the Full Moon in Capricorn and a Lunar Eclipse.  Eclipses operate in pairs and so this Lunar Eclipse follows the Solar Eclipse of two weeks ago in Cancer.

These two opposing signs of the zodiac have been doing their dance through and with different planets for quite some time now, and the energy around us has been highly charged for learning and letting go.  At this time, we have the Sun, North Node and Venus in Cancer and the Moon, Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn, and as the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon to create tonight’s Lunar Eclipse things come to a head for us all.  The effects of the Eclipse are not always felt immediately, but they will be felt over the next few months.

Capricorn energy focusses a lot on the outside world, our perceived success there, our material assets, our titles and qualifications and how well we appear by Society’s standards.  Capricorn energy basically measures its success by what you can achieve in the outside world.  Cancerian energy focusses on the inner world, your self-love, your self-worth and your ability to take care of yourself.  Cancerian energy measures its success through how well you conquer your inner world.

At this Lunar Eclipse, we will all become very aware of where and what we put our values and attention on, and how in balance or out of balance we really are.  No amount of money, success and material gain (Capricorn) can bring you any sustainable happiness and joy in your life if you are not loving yourself (Cancer).  And this is the theme of this Lunar Eclipse.

The world, in general, is being woken up to its focus on greed and the old and broken ways in which we feel we need to acquire more, be more, own more and compete more.  This system that has been created by us over time is broken.  It has resulted in a massive division in humankind, whereby so very few have so much, and so very many have so little.  And as we are so conditioned to this way of being we often on a daily basis unconsciously, encourage this energy and this glorification of what we can achieve outside of ourselves to show the rest of the world.  We are trapped in the illusion that our attention needs to be outside of us and focussed on what we can attain and acquire, whilst our inner worlds remain neglected and left to feel unimportant and unheard.  And for so long as this is how we live we are not truly caring for ourselves and what we really need and deserve from life.

The polarity between Capricorn and Cancer at this Lunar Eclipse will reveal to us all where we fail to take care of ourselves and look after our own needs because we are too preoccupied with trying to play the Game of Life under rules that are out-dated, antiquated and just plain wrong. This Eclipse can be your fundamental opportunity to change where you prioritise your energy and your focus.  You are being challenged to see how well you look after yourself versus what you do to impress and fit in with everybody else.  Self-care isn’t just about being neat and presentable, or eating well and exercising regularly.  It’s about how you treat yourself and how you allow others to treat you as well. 

Mastering how you treat yourself is the greatest journey to success you will ever go on.  It is far more important than any Degree you may get, accolades you may receive or position you may hold.  Because if you don’t master this and see yourself for the beautiful soul you are, none of what you achieve in your outside world will ever bring you the life and the love you are looking for.

Family issues may come up for many at this time, as you perhaps realise how those closest to you may not necessarily be those who are best for you.  You may find that under the power of this Eclipse energy you are finally able to create some unbreakable boundaries that will allow you to stop allowing others to treat you in a way that is not for your highest good.  And you may also find that the Eclipse energy allows you to see your own worth and how neglectful you may have been of your inner world and precious self.  Most importantly, however, is the understanding for all of us that our journey to happiness is and should always be our greatest success, and our inner peace our greatest achievement.  Blessings xox