Blog Post 11 September 2020

The planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter, has been Retrograde in Capricorn for the last 4 months, and on 12/13 September 2020, he moves into Direct motion.  While he has been in Retrograde his ability to amplify, enlarge and expand upon all that the touches has been aimed more at our personal lives and our individual life paths.  As with most Retrograde periods, they are our chance to analyse and work on our inner selves and inner worlds, rather than being involved in and ruled by the outside world.  SO much has happened in the last 4 months, and I think I can safely say that everyone reading this will have a different perspective on themselves and the work that they do now than they had at the beginning of this Retrograde period.

As Jupiter turns Direct, we start to realise that all that we have been through has offered us a choice; to go back to the old ways, or, to allow us to create new ways.  We now get to see the old “normal” with hindsight (make that 2020 hindsight 😉) and with a new awareness, which in turn allows us to decide whether the old normal is what we want to go back to or whether that way of being is actually the problem.  Jupiter expands on all that he touches – good or bad.  And as he turns Direct his proximity to Pluto (the great transformer) becomes close once again.  Therefore, he will once again amplify the old ways that Pluto is working to transform globally as well as within each and every one of us.  Jupiter is bringing to our attention the BIG picture, what is really behind all that is going on, as so much of what we are experiencing are just symptoms of a deeper wound, a deeper division and a deeper challenge.  Over the last 4 months, a lot has changed for us personally as well as globally and it has given us all the chance to reassess, whether we like it or not, the direction our lives are taking.  One of the very positive things that have come out of this is how many of you have found ways to reinvent yourselves and/or the work that you do.  You have got to see how incredibly resourceful, creative and alternative you can be when you look outside of your old ways of doing things and focused on a new way forward.  For many business etc who had always relied on their physical shop to sell their goods or services, they have morphed their businesses into online shops and in the process opened up a whole new group of customers. 

Jupiter Direct will once again bring things to a head, and as uncomfortable and frustrating as this maybe this is what must be.  If you can imagine the world right now as a wound that is full of infection.  And it’s not just one infection it is many.  For that wound to heal properly, completely and sustainably all the infections need to be healed, or they will just find another way to manifest somewhere else in some other way.  So, as the poison in this world represented by the transit of Pluto is brought to the surface for healing and transformation, Jupiter will push and pull to make sure nothing stays beneath the surface.  Mars is revving us all up for action and Saturn, in his last weeks also in Retrograde motion is working behind the scenes and warming up for his Direct turn where he will initiate and work to enforce new structures to take us forward and create the much needed solid platforms and beliefs we need to fully embrace his move into Aquarius in late December. 

Humanity has been reminded of their own intelligence and their own ability to manifest through focus and determination.  The challenge has been and still is, that we are in the midst of so much change and unpredictability that many feel unable to move forward or to take any steps out of their current situation.  However, we are resourceful, intelligent and spiritual beings and when we combine all of these traits together and do so with a positive view of what the future needs to hold and to be, we start to become the change the world needs to see.

So, as Jupiter moves into a stationary position and then into Direct motion as the month moves on it is time for all of us to use all of our positive energy, all of our faith and all of our love to focus on what we want to happen in our own lives and in the world around us.  What we must not do is focus on the fear, or the unknown, on the worst case scenarios and on what we DON’T want to happen.  Jupiter is the great manifestor and as we all know manifestation occurs from a simple thought – what we think we create.  The “normal” we have lived under for so long and been indoctrinated to believe as being the way things need to be and should continue to be, is, under the influence of the cosmos very quickly losing its lustre and shine and therefore becoming less attractive as well as less workable for all of us.  And so, as this year goes on humanity will awaken to see that we have the ability to imagine, create and manifest a new “normal” and so the great shift will begin for some and continue for others.  Blessings xox