Blog Post 29 July 2022

There is a lot happening in the cosmos as I write this, and all of the energies are working together to encourage and influence humanity to let go of the old to bring in the new.  The Lions Gate Portal is now open and we are being showered with uplifting energy encouraging the alignment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within us all.

When mighty Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, moves into Retrograde motion every year it is time for us to go within and grow our dreams and what is the most important to us at this time.  Jupiter Retrograde asks us to look within at what is real, and what is imagination or illusion.  Jupiter is currently in Aries and Arian energy is very black and white and so we can use this perspective to get real with ourselves and to allow ourselves to face our shadow and turn it around.  We all have and still do waste too much time on self-defeating thoughts and beliefs that serve NO positive purpose in our lives.  Yet, for so many of you, you keep hanging on to what hurts you and what you cannot accept from your past when it has already gone.  You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it.  The timelines of the earth plane have split, and we are now in two camps: the 3D camp of the old traditional outdated ways of being and believing and the 5D camp of believing in our sovereignty and creating the future from the heart. 

So, for the next 5 months, we have this amazing opportunity to grow ourselves and to redirect our energies towards success and good fortune based on seeing ourselves in a positive and loving light.  Arian energy cuts through the fantasy and story-telling that we can all get so stuck in.  This Retrograde will give you the opportunity to question everything that you are thinking and feeling and to see and realise for yourself how much time you waste on negative thinking and self-defeating outdated beliefs. 

The New Moon is forming a very positive aspect to Jupiter at this time which will also stimulate your intuition allowing you to logically and intuitively look at yourself and where you are going and from there make the necessary changes and upgrades.  Because “upgrading” is what it is all about.  Aries naturally puts itself first and so does Leo, and therefore we have this abundance of “me” energy to use to be the best versions of ourselves we can be rather than using that very same energy to amplify our negative thoughts and focussing on all that has failed in our lives.  It is time to stop identifying with the past you and start identifying with the new you, or the you that you wish to be.  So many of you do not believe you can change your lives and change yourselves, but you can, all it takes is a change in attitude and the determined effort to NOT treat yourself badly.

New Moons always bring the energy of setting intentions for the month ahead and with the Sun and the Moon currently in Leo you are being given a very optimistic, courageous and creative energy to work with.  Self-belief is everything as if you don’t believe in you, you can’t expect anybody else to!  So, use this energy to set yourself some courageous and inspirational goals to achieve over this next lunar month.  Brand new ideas can come to you from out of the blue at this time as can great ideas to develop what you may already be working on.  But these ideas need action.  More and more we are all being encouraged to know and understand that we, as individuals and as a collective, hold the key to change in this world, however, we all need to step up and start BEing that change if it is to happen. 

So, at this very beneficial and expansive time embrace your confidence and if you don’t feel confident then pretend to be.  There is nothing wrong with “faking it till you make it” if that’s what is called for.  Jupiter will always expand upon all that you wish him to and when in Aries his focus is to expand on YOU and all that you can be. But to make the best use of this you must focus on what you are really capable of rather than what you have failed at.  And the New Moon in Leo is here to give you the confidence and expression you need to BE better, stronger, happier and more successful in every way.  Look forward, dream big and remember this is your journey and you have complete control over where it is going when you believe in YOU.  New Moon blessings to you all xox