Blog Post

19 May 2023

Jupiter, the might benefactor, expander and planet of growth and abundance has now moved out of Aries and into Taurus.  While he was in Arian energy, he was encouraging us all to BE the leader and independent soul we are capable of being, but as he was also dancing around Chiron in Aries at the same time, who was ripping open those wounds of feeling not good enough and bringing them to our attention so we could heal them, he didn’t really get a chance to do his thing.  Jupiter also spent a very short time in Aries, (around 6 months) therefore he didn’t get to fully use his influence here as he would have had it been his normal 12-13 month transit.  We all got a short taste of what it might be like to take charge and/or stand on our own two feet, but we perhaps didn’t have enough time to really make use of this energy.

Now that he has moved into Taurus and will be here until May 2024 Jupiter will finally get a chance to dig his heels in and really immerse himself in this energy.

Taurus energy is the energy of hard work and deliberate efforts.  This sign of the zodiac is VERY driven by money and material assets and so when Jupiter brings his expansive energy to the earth plane under this influence, we can all be given opportunities to benefit materially and financially from this transit.  Wherever the Taurus energy sits in your Chart is where you will feel this influence the most and be able to make the best use of it.  So, for instance, if the 2nd House in your Chart, the House of Money, is being controlled by Taurean energy then this is where Jupiter will be spending the next year in your life, and therefore you can expect a lot of growth and expansion in your material assets, financial wealth and other areas of security.  Or, if the 10th House in your Chart is being controlled by Taurean energy, then it will be your career and public image that will grow the most and benefit the most from Jupiter’s transit through here. 

What ever part of your Chart he is  moving through he is bringing growth, awareness and abundance and so this is a fantastic transit that can encourage you to really move things in your life and to step into your ability to manifest based on your awareness that if you work hard, there will be rewards.  And on top of this Taurus enjoys structure and doing things properly and successfully.  It is very difficult in many ways for Taurean people to apply themselves to jobs or projects that they are not interested in, as if their interest is not piqued, they can revert back into their more lazy side and not wish to apply themselves. But if there is something to gain, and especially something that will increase your finances or feelings of security, then Taurus will embrace this no problem.   So, Jupiter in Taurus is not a time to hold out your hand and expect something to be put in it, it’s a time rather to do the work, apply yourself – head down bum up – and then you will reap the rewards and benefits of  this transit.

Now, as Jupiter is the great expander, he also has the ability to expand on things that might not feel as rewarding for you, in the short term, but that can majorly benefit you in the long term.  Jupiter in Taurus will also expand upon any challenges you have in collaborating or compromising with other people as well as your ability to forgive.  If Jupiter feels something needs to see the light of day, he will bring it up and expand upon it until we learn what we need too from it.  So, although he is the great benefactor, he is also fully aware that if you don’t heal the past, or let go of fear and negativity in your life then this will stop you from being able to manifest and use the full potential of Jupiter.

This 12 month transit of Jupiter in Taurus will affect you wherever the Taurean energy sits in your Chart.  If you think back to June 2011 until June 2012, this was the last time Jupiter was in Taurus and so similar themes, opportunities and learnings will present themselves.  And as Taurus represents security, money, hard work and sensitivity it will be these types of things that Jupiter now has the ability to expand upon for you.  The harder you work to achieve your goals and the more prepared you are to compromise, let go of your stubbornness and forgive what has gone before, the more  likely Jupiter in Taurus is to deliver you all that you wish for.  But you have to get out of your own way first.  This means believing in yourself, believing in what you wish to achieve and believing that you are worthy, capable and ready for all of this.  You cannot manifest or create from a space of lack, so Jupiter here will give you the imagination as well as ability to see yourself in a stronger more affluent light if you firstly allow him too, and secondly are prepared to do the work that is asked of you to achieve this.

Taurus energy is also very connected to the earth and to what we can create with our own hands and own creative abilities.  Exploring your ability to garden or cook under this influence could also bring to the surface or expose hidden talents you have in these areas as well as interests and talents that you may not have explored as yet.

Jupiter in Taurus is a powerful transit that if handled correctly, can benefit you not only now but for many years to come. So don’t be afraid to put your dreams into action and to create solid foundations for what you wish to achieve and most importantly don’t be afraid to believe in wonderful, talented and deserving YOU.  New Moon blessings to you all xox