On 24 November 2023 we move out of the intense, deep and often dark energy of Scorpio and into the outgoing, truth-seeking and adventurous energy of Sagittarius.  It’s time to get out of our inner depths and start having some fun in the outside world.  Here is a short video I made regarding the Sun moving into Sagittarius:-

As we have been very much focussed on our inner worlds over the last month or so, its now time to take a refreshing break in our outside worlds and start looking towards answering the age-old question of:-

“What is my life purpose?”

The answer to this can be found in your astrology as the information contained in your Natal Chart will tell you what you have come to the earth plane to learn and how you are going to go about experiencing that learning; who is here to help you and what gifts and talents are waiting to be discovered and/or developed by you.

While the Sun was in Scorpio we were searching for our answers through our emotional experiences and how things were making us feel.  This is of course an important part of our analysis and how we come to our conclusions, but if we spend ALL our time in an emotionally analytic state of mind we are not focussing on reality, logic or what is practical.  BOTH sides of us need to be used in balance with one another for us to get to the bottom of our problems and challenges in life, and to then find the solutions.

So, now the Sun has moved into Sagittarius we look outwards.  We look to find the truth in what we seek.  Although we find our answers within ourselves, we need to look outside of ourselves for the material and experiences that allow us to find our own truth; that truth which fully resonates with you.  When we allow this, we are truly using both our feelings and our logic to get where we need to go.  We can now feel a lot more optimistic and outgoing and able to put aside the emotional stuff so we can focus more on what brings adventure, new experiences and a higher awareness into our lives.

The movement of Venus into Libra recently is really open and willing to support the Sun in Sagittarius.  When Venus is in Libra, we have more energy and a much more accepting and easy-going attitude towards our relationships and our lives which means that we can be more open to what we can learn from others as well as experience new things and develop our gifts and talents even further.  Here is a short video I made about the transit of Venus through Libra:-

As we start to feel more expansive and outgoing this month there is also the call of Sagittarius to be the best version of yourself you can be.  Now this is a very important thing to be aware of at this time because the earth plane desperately needs people who are prepared to stand up for what they believe in and to be as strong, healthy and empowered as they can possibly be.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and so there is this natural call within us to expand upon who we are and what we know so as we can be sure that we have found our truth and that we have not been afraid to share with others.

Now, while Uranus is transiting through Taurus for the next 5+ years we are all being asked to expand our awareness of nature, of collaboration and of how we value ourselves and what we do.  But it is the nature of Uranus to bring in the curve balls and to expect the unexpected.  So, as we expand and grow, we also have to be prepared to be flexible, openminded and willing to go with the flow when it is for our highest good and not to resist change simply because it pushes us out of our comfort zones.

Your own personal astrology, sign of the zodiac, moon placement and rising sign are unique to you and you alone.  Each of these planets or placements and the sign of the zodiac they sit in speak of an aspect of your personality and what you have come here to learn.  And its very important to understand which each of these does and what affect they have on you.  For example, you may be a Sagittarian and if you are then this is your month!!  But your Sun sign, Sagittarius, is only one part of you.  The next thing that you want to know is:-

“what is my rising sign and how do I find my rising sign?”

Your rising sign is how you present yourself to the world.  So, as I said above you may be a Sagittarius and therefore outgoing, adventurous, controlling and very curious BUT your rising sign may sit in Virgo which is not particularly outgoing or adventurous at all.  Therefore, when you read your daily or weekly horoscope it may not resonate with you one little bit!  And this is because your rising sign or ascendant is overruling your Sun sign at that time and in that particular way.  To find your rising sign you need to know your TIME of birth as this is what determines what sign of the zodiac was rising above the horizon at the time of your birth.  And it is your TIME of birth that also determines which House (area of your life) will  be affected by a planet residing there and the sign of the zodiac it is sitting in will tell you how this will naturally play out.

Every sign of the zodiac, just like every person, has its own unique imprint of what is about, what it is supposed to teach us and how we can use that energy.  So, when someone asks;

“what is the best astrology sign?”

there is really no correct way to answer that.  Each sign has its own strengths and weaknesses and we need to know what these are so that we can work with them for our highest good.  Therefore, knowing your Natal Chart and all that you have chosen for this lifetime is imperative to you using each sign of the zodiac in your Chart for its highest good.  If you have ever wanted to learn more about Esoteric Astrology as a tool to better understand yourself and those around you, or, as a tool to help you in your work with clients, do look into my online courses in Esoteric Astrology.


The Sun joins Mercury in Sagittarius this month and this really helps us all with our communication and focus.  Mercury in Sagittarius is sassy, communicative, entertaining and educational.  We can start to see more opportunities and experiences for ourselves that can help us to grow and expand our minds as well as our abilities.  Mercury in Sagittarius is very much in search of the truth, and will seek this and express this in a way that allows us to consider it and find our own reality or resonance amongst it.

The planet of drive determination and motivation, Mars, enters Sagittarius on 24 November bringing a large dose of action to the mix.  At this time, we will have the Sun encouraging us to fully focus on what is new and opportune for us, and we will have Mercury giving us the ability to find the right words and ways of expressing them, and Mars will be there making sure that we take action on what is being presented to us, and that we don’t just dabble in what we are doing, we instead completely immerse ourselves in it and see how far and how big we can go.  Mars in Sagittarius pushes us forward and does not allow for excuses such as “I can’t do this on my own”, or, “I’ll just wait for some other things to fall into place and then I’ll do it”, or even, “I’m not good enough to take that on”.  Mars in Sagittarius says, “put your big boy/girl/other pants on and DO IT”.

As the Sun settles into its solar month in Sagittarius it feels like life can open up a bit for us again, and we can look forward to what awaits us and calls to us at this time.  We have the energy and the optimism to move forward and with a new year just around the corner, we can also start to tentatively look towards what we wish to achieve and where we wish to put our energy in 2024.

If you are a Sagittarian and would like to know what your Solar Year has in store for you, please just click on the following link to book your Solar Return Reading with me.  A Solar Return Reading gives you invaluable insight into your personal year ahead and what is coming up for you.  Remember always that forewarned is forearmed:-


Wishing all you courageous, outgoing, clever and adventurous Sagittarians out there a very happy birthday month in every way.  Blessings xox