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On 20 February 2024, the Sun moves out of quirky, rebellious and alternative Aquarius and into the dreamy, creative and intuitive energy of Pisces.

This last solar month has seen a lot of planets move into the energy of Aquarius and so we are getting our first taste of what the world might feel like if we were all more self-focussed, innovative and open-minded in a more empowered way. 

As the Sun moves into its journey through Pisces our creativity and intuition will increase but so will the energy of illusion.  Illusion is a funny thing, it creates a story that we can buy into, it can also create an answer or solution that suits us best,  but one thing is very sure with the energy if illusion, and that it is that it is not to be believed or relied upon.

For the last 14 years we have had Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, at home in this sign of the zodiac.  When a planet is  in its home sign it is a lot more powerful than it usually is – just like we are when we are on familiar ground – so it is with the planets feeling at home too and therefore able to step into who they are with more authority and power.  So, for the last 14 years we have all been living under many many illusions.  We will all have our own illusions or stories that we tell ourselves that can too easily become our reality, and of course there is the collective illusion that we are ALL living under.  One of the greatest illusions of these past years has been the illusion of our own importance in the wrong way.  Neptune in Pisces encouraged us to share a lot more about ourselves to the world and in doing this many people bought far too much into the illusion of their own identity, differences and beliefs.  The illusion that we need to be labelled for what we  believe, or the illusion that we are all separate because of our differences, and possibly the worst illusion of the lost, that when we compare ourselves to others, we are never good enough.  The world of social media on its own has created an incredible illusion of reality that is far from real.

So, when we step into Pisces season the world of illusion, imagination and deception can become very real and all important to us as well.  Therefore, it is very important this month that whatever you feel to be true, or intuit to be your understanding, that you can also question in every way.  In doing this you test your intuitive abilities and your Ego in a big way.  The Ego will always want you to believe the worst about yourself and any situation you are in, and will happily keep you under the illusion that you are not good enough or that you can’t do what you want to do.  This month we must rise above these delusions and look more deeply into your hearts to know what is real and what is not.

Piscean energy is very creative and very intuitive, in fact for a lot of Pisceans it is the most normal thing in the world to see or hear dead people!   This is the sign of the zodiac that is most connected to the Spirit world and because of this Piscean people often spend A LOT of their time in what I call “la la land” – zoning out, daydreaming and lost in their own imaginations.  During this month this energy will be very strong and it is designed to encourage us all to feel and intuit into things a lot more to find our truth and to find our peace.  We are being asked and shown that all the answers we are looking for are within us, and if we just take the time to be still and listen, we can rely on our own critical thinking, over and above the illusions around us. You may feel a real need to just be in your own space and in nature where you can feel undisturbed and free to explore what is in your mind, rather than having to attend to chores or daily responsibilities.  The world of imagination and fantasy will always be more appealing to everyone when the Sun sits in Pisces, and this makes it perfect for creating in every way.

The planet Saturn, our teacher and disciplinarian, is also currently sitting in Pisces helping us to create and sustain the foundations and structures we need to be creative and intuitive in our lives.  And the planet of illusion, Neptune, is also sitting in Pisces at this time.  So, when the Sun joins these two powerhouses here the vibration of the planet and each individual can receive a powerful upgrade – if you allow it. 

In 2024 we are all going to be upgraded in some way and to experience this we are usually tested in some way, or challenged to change in some way.  The more we can rise above any negative situations and embrace any positive situations the more we are able to go with the flow of the Universe and be guided in the direction we are supposed to be going in.  So, allow yourself this solar month to be guided.  If you are not sure what to do just step back and allow things to happen for you.  We are so programmed to always be doing and making and achieving, but when we are constantly busy like that, we don’t get to focus on ourselves, our inner worlds and how we can be happier and more at peace with our lives and ourselves. And we also don’t allow the Universe to do its part in the co-creation of our dreams.

Pisces season is always the best season to allow ourselves to be guided and to open to the world of Spirit and the energies of the Universe.  It is our time to meditate, start or create a new spiritual practise, but most importantly it is a time for us to connect with our Guides in the Spirit World and to allow ourselves to receive their support and input into our lives.   It is a time to dream, to imagine and to intuit the life you wish to live; to visualise it in every way so that when the Sun moves into action-packed, self-aware Aries, we will know where we are going and what we are looking to achieve.

As the Sun moves into Pisces, he will form a quincunx with the Moon in Leo giving us a deeper awareness of what it is that stops us from expressing and putting out there all that we are and can be. 

What fear stops you from speaking up and sharing your feelings and knowledge? 

Do you only wish to speak up and be heard if you know you will be appreciated? 

Look deeply into this and feel what fears you may carry here, and seek to overcome them by realising that they are an illusion too.  Another great illusion carried by the energy of Pisces is the belief that we are here to serve.  Now there is nothing wrong with serving and looking after others, however, if you are under the illusion that this is your purpose in this lifetime, and that you cannot put yourself first or serve your own needs, then you need to shatter that illusion and replace it with the firm knowing that you are a powerful soul and servitude is your choice not your purpose.

The energy of Pisces carries the illusion so as we can work through this to get to the truth.  So, this solar month take time to make yourself aware of the stories you tell yourself and the illusions you live under and question them to see if they serve your highest good, or not.  And be kind to yourself as you will be  more sensitive to life and all that it can throw at you this solar month.  Connect more strongly with your Spirit Guides and be open and aware of all and any synchronicities that occur as these are the sign posts that can guide you to all that you need at this time.

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Wishing all you sensitive, caring, creative and dreamy Pisceans out there a very happy solar year ahead.  Blessings  xox