Today the Sun moves out of practical, security-driven and sensitive Taurus into the faster paced, stimulating and innovative energy of Gemini.  We move from careful thought and practise into action and communication.

With the Sun in Gemini, we get to get busy again and embrace the energy of change and getting things done.  What is good to remember with Gemini energy is that it LOVES lots of variety and stimulation in life and therefore it can be a bit like a magpie spotting shiny things.  Everything that sparkles or glitters needs to be explored, but not for long, as once something else starts sparkling or glittering, we can be off in that direction next.  This can then result in us not finishing what we originally started and leaving us with incomplete tasks, projects, conversations and commitments.  Under the influence of Gemini, we crave stimulation and things that are different to the status quo and so this is a wonderful month to introduce new things to your life, but you need to be aware of not spreading yourself too thin or having too many balls to juggle.

The soul journey of Gemini

One of the greatest promises the solar month of Gemini brings is the promise of better communications.  Taurean people love to talk, but they don’t like confrontation or conversations that could bring challenges or emotional differences their way, and so while we were in Taurus season it could have been harder than usual for you to express what you really think or feel as the fear of being hurt or misunderstood was too much for you.

But now that we are in the energy of Gemini, we will feel much more compelled to speak up and to discuss things so we can understand new ways of doing things as well as share our own innovative ideas and beliefs.  We can expect an outpouring of information when we are in Gemini season and this can only be a good thing.

At the same time as the Sun moves into Gemini, Mars in Aries will conjunct the North Node in Aries.  So, this brings even more dynamic action to the table.  Mars in Aries is the most determined placement of the zodiac – nothing stops this energy from getting its way.  It knows what it wants and it will do all that is necessary to make that happen and nothing will be allowed to get in its way.  The North Node in Aries brings new opportunities for leadership and for new individual pursuits and actions.  And when two planets “conjunct” one another, they amplify each other.  So, this translates to mean that you will probably not be second-guessing or questioning any new opportunity that comes your way.  Rather, you will want to take immediate action on it to see where it can take you.  And with the Sun being in Gemini, it could mean that many different opportunities are going to be coming your way at the same time, and your biggest challenge will be choosing which one(s) to pursue. 

As I said earlier Gemini energy loves lots of variety and stimulation but because of this it can very much dabble in things rather than mastering them.  So, be very aware of what you are responsible for at this  time and don’t neglect what is important for your happiness, wellbeing and success.  Gemini season means we are switched to GO all season and if we are constantly doing, we don’t leave ourselves enough room for simply thinking, analysing and reassessing.  And if we act without thought or planning behind things, often we do not get the result we wish, or, we cannot sustain what we wish to move forward with.  So, although you may feel very pushed to take EVERY opportunity that comes your way, be discerning by putting yourself first and making what you want for you a priority, and then be very aware of how much time and energy each opportunity will require, and whether you can realistically honour this. 

Embracing the shadow of Pluto

Earlier this month when the Sun was still in Taurus, Pluto moved into Retrograde motion in Aquarius.  This Retrograde period will continue until 12 October 2024 and will also involve Pluto retrograding all the way back into Capricorn from 3 September until 19 November 2024.  This means that Pluto starts his Retrograde period in Aquarius but as he had only reached 2 degrees of Aquarius before he started retrograding, he will move all the way back into Capricorn and then when he moves Direct again in October, he will be in Capricorn energy until 19 November.  This will be a very interesting transit as it will give us one last look at what needs to be  transformed for the world and everyone on it to evolve.  We will see very clearly where we have found ourselves stuck on dead-end streets and supporting or believing in things that are NOT for our highest good or that will encourage or support the changes we need. 

Venus moves into Gemini on 24 May for her approximate 3-week transit through this sign of the zodiac.  Venus in Gemini will give us more confidence to express how we feel and to also not be afraid to ask others for support and encouragement with our dreams and goals.  Being able to put a voice to what you feel and what you need is so important and something that Venus became very aware of while she was in Taurus but would have found a lot harder to express during this transit.  Once she moves into Gemini the ability to communicate lovingly and in a fun and entertaining manner will allow you to speak up and be heard for all the right reasons.

And Mercury, the planet of communication will move out of Gemini and into Cancer this month which also bring a lot more focus to our need to speak up about what we feel and what is important to us and our wellbeing.  Merucry in Cancer is one of the most intelligent placements of the zodiac because when we have Mercury in Cancer, we are using both sides of our brain in harmony.  We are aligning our intuition with our intellect which means we see and speak the whole picture and can not only analyse things to work them out but also use our intuition to feel into things to come to the same conclusions.  So, don’t be afraid to listen to your inner voice as it is that part of you that needs to be heard at this time.

During this Solar Month Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion will move out of Taurus and into Gemini as well – further amplifying the Sun’s energy here.  This is a very important transit that will cover the period from May 2024 until May 2025.  It will encourage a lot more conversations and communications between us all which in turn will allow us to focus a lot more on what we have in common with others rather than the differences between us. 

So, a very busy solar month coming up for us all so hold on to your broomsticks and enjoy the ride! 

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Wishing all you busy, carefree and highly communicative Gemini’s out there a very happy solar year ahead!  xox