Today, 21 June 2024, the Sun moves out of busy and social Gemini and into the intuitive, creative and sensitive energy of Cancer.

The last solar month has kept us all on our toes with lots of opportunities being presented to us socially and otherwise.  It has been a time to put ourselves out there; to try new things and to test the waters of change that are all around us at this time.

When we step into Cancer season we step into the world of our feelings, emotions and sensitivities.  We tend to “feel” everything around us rather than rationalise it.  Our intuition is heightened and we find it a lot easier to know and feel what is going on around us and within us.  And it is a time where we may be tested in our self-love and self-worth due to being more sensitive to everything at this time. 

We can use the energy of Cancer this solar month to develop our compassion, empathy and understanding for others.  At this time on the earth plane there is SO much division in the world and the powers that be seem intent on encouraging us to go against and see the negativity in others, rather than striving to see our commonalities.  We are all ONE, yet we are all different and the more we can accept and understand this the  happier we can be in our own lives and interacting in the lives of others.  The greatest thing humanity can learn at this time is to listen to their own hearts and to look for what we can share and find common ground with in others, rather than focussing on our differences. 

Healing with Cancerian energy

The energy of Cancer is a very intuitive energy and therefore most Cancerians are born psychic.  Of course, ALL signs of the zodiac can be psychic, but as water is the natural conduit for spiritual energy, the water signs of the zodiac; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, tend to be able to work with this energy much more naturally and to this end many of the water sign souls often have no idea how intuitive they are and how much they rely on and use this energy in their daily lives. 

We will all have Cancerian energy somewhere in our Natal Charts and wherever you find this is where you may find you are the most instinctual and intuitive and this solar month is the time to explore this further and develop this part of yourself so as you can trust and rely in what you feel to be true, so much more.

Cancer rules the home and family, so this month things can slow down a little for us all, especially on the social front.  During this solar month you may feel a lot more drawn to spending time at home and you will want to make your home your refuge and somewhere that you can go to when you need to recharge or rejuvenate yourself in some way.  You may also find that you wish to spend more time with your family and in doing so you could become closer to siblings, parents or children as you are more able to see things from their perspective and support them as they support you.

A purpose driven life

The greatest life lesson that goes with Cancerian energy is the lesson of “self-love”.  It is the natural way of a Cancerian to put the needs of others ahead of their own simply because they naturally believe that the needs of others are more important than your own personal needs, but this is something that they must change if they are to live happy and fulfilled lives. The number one lesson of living a spiritual life is to put yourself first.  When you don’t you strip yourself of your personal power, your self-worth and your purpose in this lifetime. 

So, this month take time to look within yourself to where you have self-doubt; where you feel like you are not good enough; what you dislike about yourself and how this makes you feel.  Try to do some inner work to understand where these feelings have come from, what triggers them and why you are still  holding on to them.  I find that the more I can break something I am feeling or going through down into one core emotion, the easier it then is to heal this emotion and move forward.  So, give it a try for yourself – just allow yourself to be still, and ask yourself why, for example, you don’t like yourself?  Is it because of the way you behave or is it because of the way you look?  And if yes, why is this a problem for you and what affect does feeling this way have on you on a daily basis?  Look at what these feelings do to you, how they  make you feel and act, and ask yourself, “is this for my highest good?”  Once things are identified for what they are, they are so much easier to work on and heal and once they are healed you are free – free of that old negative energy and free to move on to a more positive and powerful future.  If you would like to work with me one-on-one I have some powerful Healing Courses on my website that could be just what you need to heal and move forward, here is the link:-

During this solar month of Cancer, please be kind to yourself and gentle with yourself as you go through your days.  If you find yourself judging yourself or giving yourself a hard time, stop and question this.  And if you find yourself being hurt or challenged by another soul and this is making you feel guilty or that you have done something wrong, simply say to yourself “I love myself” and the energy will immediately shift.  I LOVE MYSELF are 3 of the most powerful words we can ever use to change the energy of any situation – they carry so  much power, so much importance and so much truth.  For many Cancerians feeling and believing that they are worthy of love can be a huge struggle and this is why it is SO important that they love themselves in every way.

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Wishing all you creative, sensitive and intuitive Cancerians out there a very happy and loving annual trip around the Sun!  xox