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Today we step out of the down to earth, traditional and hardworking energy of Capricorn and into the freedom loving, alternative and innovative energy of Aquarius – and so the changes begin.

I feel it’s a very special thing that the Sun and the mighty planet of transformation, Pluto, both step into Aquarian energy within hours of each other.  The Sun brings our primary focus to everything Aquarian and Pluto is now ready to start his 20-year transit of revolutionary change to our planet.  Exciting times!!

As we step into the solar month of Aquarius it is always a good time to celebrate your uniqueness and to feel the confidence to do things differently or in a way that makes complete sense to you.  The challenge with Aquarian energy is that it sees the world through a very different lens and when that lens is too out there, or feels too weird and unacceptable, we can shrink away from our individuality and our uniqueness and wish that we were more like everyone else.  So, during Aquarian season it can feel a lot more comfortable to be different and a lot  more “normal” to be quirky – so go with it and embrace your inner weirdo!

I mean no disrespect by calling Aquarian energy or Aquarian people “weird”.  I LOVE weird; weird is what makes my world go round and I’m not even Aquarian!  However, I know and feel that change and being prepared to do things differently is the only way forward for humanity at this time.  For too long we have existed and persisted with systems that do not serve the highest good and now its time for this to change, and you AMAZING Aquarians have all the tools for the task.

During this month what you might find in your personal life and as a part of the collective is that those who wish to have authority, or do have authority, over you, will feel even more like they are encroaching on your personal space and your personal beliefs.  In the past this might have been something you could just overlook or sweep under the carpet, but now that we are in Aquarian season AND at the start of a massive influx of Aquarian energy from the cosmos, it will feel normal, “right” and okay to resist being controlled and told what to do.  Some of you may react very strongly to this as the blindfolds come off and you see the reality of the world we live in and how much it has sought to limit you.  And others of you may feel defeated and unsure with this new energy and what to do with it.  My advice is to go with what feels right to you, and to not judge yourself or others for their differences and their view points.  “You do you”.

We have lived under too much division for too long and now it is time for this to change.  This month we can start to celebrate rather than judge our differences and the more we do this the more we evolve and change into a more accepting and innovative society.

Aquarian energy loves to think outside the box and bring new ideas to the table.  Aquarius is an Air sign and so it holds that higher energy of enlightenment and ascension through the use of your imagination and intuition.  This energy allows us to truly expand ourselves and to see how we can develop those quirky ideas, or unique perspectives we may possess but have been too scared to reveal to date.

There is no doubt about it that with both the Sun and Pluto entering Aquarius within hours of one another that this will bring major power shifts around the world.  More and more people are waking up and seeing the truth, and because of this the truth can no longer be hidden.  We are stepping into a time where honesty, transparency and authenticity will be treasured standards to live by and where we will not accept anything less. 

The more drama and power shifts there are happening in the world around us, the more we are being encouraged to come back to ourselves and our own power, our own purpose and our own thinking.  We all know that when things are challenging outside of ourselves, we really need to strengthen and even retreat to our inner worlds which can be the calm and the peace we need to find our truth and take action from there.  You are being asked to master your own life and your own mind, so as you can know 100% moving forward that all you are doing is for your highest good and for the highest good of humanity in general. 

The early parts of 2024 will most certainly bring revelations, shifts in power as each and every one of us wake up to who we truly are.  As humans we are not always the cleverest animals on the planet, and so often we need shocks and surprises to activate us to take action or to change our ways, and this is what the Universe will be presenting us with for most of the 2020’s with the next 3 years being the most pivotal.

So, this solar month don’t be afraid to show the world who you truly are.  Dress differently, share your thoughts and creations and practise thinking for yourself and making choices and decisions based on what feels right in your heart of hearts.  You are a powerful being of light and you have incarnated on the earth plane at this time to make a difference.  Take that crazy trip, read that quirky book, have that mind-bending conversation, buy that pair of pants that set you apart from the others, and most importantly be openly, unapologetically and wonderfully YOU!

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Wishing all you life-changing, alternative and delightfully quirky Aquarians out there a very happy solar year ahead.  Blessings  xox