Blog Post 11 September 2019

On 13/14 September 2019 we have the Harvest Moon, falling in the creative and intuitive sign of Pisces.  This Full Moon will also conjunct (work alongside with) Neptune in Pisces bringing an even more dreamy, creative and spiritual energy to this event.  The Harvest Moon usually appears very big and yellow/orange in the sky and I would encourage all of you to bathe your crystals in this moonlight for cleansing and enhancing their energetic powers.  Your crystals are your aids, helpers, protectors and healers, and so they, just like you, need to be taken care of and given the nurturing and energising that they need to continue to work their magic for you.  To embrace both the female and male aspects of this Full Moon, it is best to put your crystals out in the moonlight the night before the Full Moon and for a night after the Full Moon – so 3 nights in total.  In this way they are not only energised and cleansed but activated with both the Goddess and God energies as well.

What is very interesting and somewhat unusual is that at the time of this Pisces Full Moon, we will have no planets in any of the Air signs.  This means that we will be dealing with pure emotion and it will be very hard to rise above what we are feeling or to apply any real logic to it either.  Therefore, at this Full Moon it is not a good time to be making any important life-changing decisions, as your perception of things may not be as balanced and rounded as it normally is, and your emotions will hold sway over all that you do.

Full Moons occur when the Sun is opposing the Moon, and “oppositions” cause friction and sparks to fly.  When we have two opposing forces something has to give, and so what will be brought to the surface are the opposites or dualities within us that need to be balanced out.  With this particular Full Moon we still have that line up of planets sitting in grounded and logical Virgo that I wrote about in my last Blog Post, and these are all opposing the Moon to some degree.  So, we have Earth opposing Water and therefore the opportunity to merge our logical minds and practical natures with our creativity and intuition.  But to make that merge we will need to get rid of the parts of ourselves, such as beliefs we hold, that make a brick wall around us that the flow of water cannot penetrate.  We have had such a powerful Solar Month so far with all the Virgo planetary activity, and it is now time for the Moon to illuminate where you may lack the ability to flow and where some intuition and creativity is needed in your life.  It has been an ideal time for attending to business, focussing on the details, re-calibrating our plans and ticking our proverbial boxes.  However, in around 12 days time, the Sun will move into Libra and it will be time to balance out all that Virgo has taught us about attending to our daily lives and needs, and so this Full Moon gives us that first look into what is out of balance.

It is the Moon’s job to illuminate what is hidden and then the natural force of gravity will bring it to the surface.  So, emotions will be high, logic will be low and therefore we must temper expansion with logic.  It is a time to dream it, and to add colour and feeling too it, but not act on it just yet. 

The Harvest Full Moon in Pisces is an excellent opportunity to get out of your head and your day to day life and “feel” what’s going on around you so as you can respond from your Soul and Higher Self and not the humanness of you that is so often trapped in fear.  This Full Moon serves to remind us all that we are not just human beings, we are Spirits having a human experience and we must honour all parts of ourselves along our soul journeys.

So, at this Full Moon put logic and reason to one side and allow your soul to shine through.  Get creative, forget about work and tedium, dance, laugh, paint or dream – be that beautiful spark of the Goddess that you truly are and that which the world most needs to see.  Full Moon Blessings to you all xox