Blog Post 8 November 2022

Tonight’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is a timely reminder to us all to look for our true security within.  The emotional intensity of this event can bring about feelings of insecurity and despair in those who put too much focus and onus on the material side of life, and not enough on their own inner peace.

The need for material gain as proof of how “successful” we are is an antiquated patriarchal belief that has outgrown its importance and relevance in today’s evolving world.  Yes, society still dictates to us that we are only successful when we are financially well off, asset-rich and driving a nice car – but to believe that such things are your unsustainable source of happiness in this lifetime is a waste of your time and energy.  The only truly sustainable way to create a happy and successful life is to find your inner peace.

Full Moons bring things to a head and into fruition.  So, today is a good day to focus on how far you have come and how you have done so with the co-operation and collaboration of those around you.  It is good to celebrate how far you have come as a soul on a journey, and how much you have learned along the way.  Being able to let go at this time of what is not celebrated in your life and that which drags you down or backwards will be particularly useful for you at this time.  With the North Node and Uranus also in Taurus right now, there are opportunities for change and these opportunities may come as curveballs or from left field, so be open and aware of all that is presented to you.

And a word of caution to you that decisions made at the time of an Eclipse tend to be carved in concrete and there may be no going back from them.  So be careful what you wish for and what you put in place today and tonight.  Use that methodical Taurean energy to carefully look at what you would like to change or initiate in your life, and then act on it.  But, if you have any reservations or are not 100% sure, then perhaps this is not the right time for you to take action.  But, if there is something that has been hanging over you or that you have wanted to rid yourself of, then this is the day to do it!  Put it out there, let it go and wait for the positive results that will follow.  Eclipse energy is all around us for around another 6 months, so the results of you letting go today may not be felt for a month or two yet, or they may appear to you instantly. 

The greatest life lesson when it comes to Taurean energy is usually forgiveness and so this Lunar Eclipse will be a beautiful and powerful time for you to forgive what has gone before as it cannot be changed.  For so many of you, forgiving yourself can be your greatest challenge and so use this lunar energy at this time to be kind and loving to wonderful YOU.  You are a soul on a journey, and you have been through much, and at the same time you have done nothing wrong, so forgive yourself and let it go.  Eclipse blessings to you all xox