Blog Post 11 May 2022

On 15/16 May 2022, we have our first Lunar Eclipse of 2022, and it is going to be a Biggy!!  This is a total Lunar Eclipse and therefore can bring a total transformation and life-changing opportunities and it will be visible in New Zealand on Monday 16 May from 5.18pm – 6.50pm.

Lunar Eclipses and Full Moons are always about releasing the old but as this one is falling in the intense energy of Scorpio it is also about massive transformation.  At the time of this Eclipse, or very close to it, you will be made very aware of what you need to transform as it will become glaringly obvious to you.  This is because what will stand out to you is probably what you have been working so hard to avoid, deny or bury for the most part of your life.  Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Pluto is the ruler of the underworld.  So, whenever these energies are affecting us in a big way, like during an Eclipse, it is our inner worlds and our shadow sides that are being activated.  Therefore, before we have even reached this event, many of you will have already been presented with what you need to change as it will have raised its ugly head and started to prod you and provoke you into change. 

So, what are you holding on to that you know full well holds you back, inhibits you or causes you to struggle and feel discontent with your life path? 

Do you truly need to stay in that space and continue to hold on there?

Scorpio energy is also all about power and the correct use of one’s personal power – so where do you give your power away and/or over-exercise it? 

Take the time now to ask yourself these questions and then at the time of the Eclipse you can be better equipped to know what may come up and to be able to accept what is presented to you and allow the Universe to help you release it.

Whenever Scorpio and Pluto are involved and when their influence is predominant over us, we are being asked to experience a rebirth.  We cannot start again just re-using the old.  You don’t give new life to something that is on its way out – what would be the point?  It is always healthier, more productive and more healing to rid ourselves of what is not working so that we can create something brand new that will work.

The Full Moon will square Saturn, the mighty taskmaster, at this time which makes it a time for crossroads and turning points.  This is very much telling you that what you can rid yourself of at this time, can only benefit your future in a big way.  The death of the old brings in the new, and at the same time the beautiful Saturn reward for being prepared to let go and go through whatever process you need to.

The Full Moon will also be strongly aspected by Mars and Pluto meaning that there will be an intensity of “knowing” and “feeling” at this time that is determined to make us aware of exactly what it is we must transform or eradicate at this time.  So, as you can see, something very big can be changed at this time and you have the support of the cosmos to do so.

It is always important to remember that decisions and actions taken at the time of an Eclipse tend to be irreversible.  That is how important this energy is.  Eclipses push us along and give us the opportunity (whether we want it or like it or not) to change by taking charge of that change for us.  Therefore, all that transpires at this time is fated, meant to be and for your highest good.  It may not feel this way at the time, as letting go of the old and ingrained is never easy, but it will work out, so just surrender to it and don’t fight it.

We all have a shadow side, and this is not a bad thing, it’s just what is.  And often this shadow side is something that you have felt so bad about or buried so deeply within you for fear of others seeing and knowing it about you.  But this does not mean you are a bad person, an evil soul, or a failure in life.  It is simply a lesson for you to learn, like any challenge in life.  If we were all sweetness and light, breathing rainbows and moonbeams 24/7, there would not be a lot of point in us being here.  It is your shadow that is your greatest teacher, so let it teach you rather than condemn you. 

You are a divine soul on a journey of learning and evolvement.  Use this powerful Eclipse energy to allow yourself to transform; to allow yourself to be what you doubt you can be, and to love yourself shadow and all!  Full Moon and Eclipse blessings to you all.  xox