Blog Post 17 March 2022

On 18 March 2022, we have a beautiful Full Moon in Virgo bringing our sense of purpose and presence to a head.  Virgo energy always aims high in its never-ending journey to perfection and so this Full Moon cannot help but bring out the best in you and in what you have to offer the world around you.  Full Moons bring things to fruition – it is when we reap the benefits of the seeds we planted at the New Moon and when we can release also, all that does not serve a positive purpose in our lives.

At this Full Moon, the energy of Virgo will be in charge. Virgo energy loves to serve, take care of business and do the “right” thing.  It is motivated by success and the energy of healing the past to move into the future.  And it is also motivated by service to others and to the greater good of all concerned.  Therefore, this Full Moon is ideal for starting anew – for putting your passionate, purposeful and productive minds into action and to start bringing into reality your hopes and dreams for the future.  And as this Full Moon in Virgo will be trine Pluto in Capricorn, there is a powerful transformational energy at play here too.  At this Full Moon, we can change our lives by looking to serve a higher purpose and a higher wisdom as we will easily be able to look more deeply into ourselves and into the relationships we have with others.  In particular, due to Venus and Mars also being conjunct at this time, partnerships and relationships are in the spotlight, in a good way. 

The energy of Virgo loves to serve and to support, aid and assist those whom it loves and at the time of the Full Moon all that is not healthy or that is not working in your relationships will be fully illuminated for you to see what is good for you and what is not.  Virgo energy carries a strong sense of loyalty which is a wonderful attribute to have, but only for so long as those whom you give your loyalty to, deserve it….  So, be aware at this time of what is NOT working for you in your relationships and look to see whether such things are fixable or are a strong indication that it is time to move on and take your loyalties elsewhere.  But also, don’t be afraid to use this beautiful Full Moon energy to go deeper into your honoured relationships.  Under this influence, you can create stronger bonds and discover new levels of intimacy that can only enhance and amplify any positive love relationships you are involved in.  We can be so afraid of our vulnerability in love, but it is often only when we reveal our true selves that a real and sustainable connection can be created.

Full Moons are created when the Sun and Moon oppose one another across the heavens.  So, while we have the Moon in Virgo at tomorrow’s Full Moon we have the Sun in its polar opposite, Pisces.  Opposing planets, like any opposing forces, create sparks that allow us to see where we need to find a balance between two different sides of ourselves.  At this Full Moon, we have the opportunity to balance out our hearts and our heads with one another.  This is very powerful as the energy of the Virgo Moon is adding structure, discipline, practicality and loyalty to our Pisces Sun, which is our creativity, intuition and dreamscape.  Therefore, we get to be practical and creative at the same time which can encourage breakthroughs and creative new solutions to old and standard problems.  As well as this, the power of Pisces can allow us to see talents and practical gifts within ourselves that we may not have recognised before, and by using the power of Virgo at this time, we can make them a reality.  You will find the power to address all practical issues from a creative perspective, and all creative issues from a practical perspective.  This is a powerful time to work on your dreams and on what you want to be successful at or with as you have the double whammy of practicality alongside creativity working in your favour.

So, at this Full Moon balance out your heart and your head with one another.  Allow your heart to listen to your head and vice versa.  Be dutiful and responsible in love and in life and use this energy to make those dreams that are your future, happen for you!  Your practical and creative goals can come to fruition under this influence, but only if you are prepared to step up, make them known and put yourself out there.  You can also be your most powerful and loyal fan at this time, as well as pushing yourself to do what it takes to get you to the next level.  Full Moon Blessings to you all xox