Blog Post 30 October 2020

On 31 October we have a Full Moon in Taurus. The second Full Moon to fall in October 2020 and perfectly timed to keep us all moving and awakening as the world we live in goes through its necessary changes.

A Full Moon is caused by the Sun opposing the Moon in the skies.  At present, the Sun is in Scorpio so there is a lot of emotion, power plays and secrecy energy around us at this Full Moon, and it is the power of the lunar energy that will always reveal what the Sun is focussing on, and bring it to our awareness.

Taurus energy is very grounded, practical and methodical.  It’s not the type of energy that thrives on fantasy or the imagination, rather it likes to deal with facts and what is real. Taurean energy is also extremely sensitive and easily hurt and so it can also hold on to things and struggle to forgive the past.  This energy can then become very wrapped up in itself and its subjective hurt view of life, and this can mean that what is hiding in plain sight, especially if it is attached to you, can be difficult to see.

The Full Moon illuminates and brings to fruition all that has been progressing and developing since it was birthed as a New Moon earlier this month.  When the lunar light falls on Taurus what will be lit up are our fears and insecurities that keep us stuck.  The Taurus way is often to judge such things and find a way to allocate the blame.  Under the light of this Full Moon, we will be given the clarity to see what has been hidden from us, what we need to take responsibility for and perhaps what we have refused to look at or admit to ourselves so far.  As things are revealed to us in our personal lives and globally, we are being asked to use compassion and understanding to move through these revelations, rather than judgement and blame.  Taurus energy knows all about planned and how to work slowly and steadily towards its goals, but it doesn’t handle someone moving the goal posts or expecting it to compromise in any way.  It is the natural Taurean way when things change or get challenging to look outside of themselves for the solution.  But what we are finding more and more as we move towards 5D is that the only true and sustainable solutions to our lives and our happiness, are within us.  Happiness is a choice – and even when your life is completely turning to custard, you can still choose to be happy. 

As the Full Moon rises in Taurus it will exactly conjunct the planet of sudden and unexpected change, Uranus.  Uranus is Mr Curve Ball, and it doesn’t matter what sign of the zodiac he is sitting in, he will still activate what you are least expecting, and/or, where you most need to exercise your independence and your free-thinking.  Uranus will work alongside this Full Moon demanding that we stop hiding, covering up, lying and making excuses for what has been in plain sight for too long now.  And never before has it been so important for all of us to question our perspectives and beliefs and look more deeply into ourselves and our intentions, and what we truly want from ourselves and our world.    

The Full Moon will reveal what we need to see, and Uranus will give us the opportunity to take action on this.  You will be asked to face what you need to face, and you will see this with more clarity and awareness than you have had before due to the support of these planets.  Taurus is solid and dependable and values honesty and integrity.  Uranus comes from out of the blue and is like that bright penny that finally drops giving you the clarity and understanding that you have been waiting for.

With the Moon shining in Taurus, it is also a wonderful time to get back to nature – to enjoy being outside and feeling the grass beneath your feet, or the dirt in your hands, or the water around your ankles and the Sun on your skin.  So, take the time to enjoy the outdoors and nurture yourself in nature. Focus on yourself and nurturing the inner you, be kind and gentle with yourself but also take the time and strength to face what is revealed to you and to take whatever action you need too to embrace what is positive in your life and to eliminate what is not.  Full Moon Blessings to you all xox