Blog Post 7 May 2020

Tonight’s Full Moon in Scorpio will be an intense one and a time of revelations both personal and global.

The Full Moon energy brings things to the surface and so the sign of the zodiac that it is sitting in will the type of energy that is amplified at this time.  Scorpio energy is the most sensitive, secretive and intense sign of the zodiac and so when the Moon sits in this sign it brings all of that to the surface for us to deal with.

For most of us, this lockdown period we have been in has meant that we have been disconnected from our loved ones and have had to make the most of our devices etc to keep in touch.  And it has been hard; hard not to be with, touch, hug and spend time with those we love.  Therefore, this Full Moon energy may bring up a lot of emotions for many, but it can also allow us to form stronger and more secure bonds with people too.  We have all learned that we can love and care for people without them being in our bubble every day.  And we may have also grown to see a lot more goodness and beauty in those we are estranged from at this time, that we may have overlooked in our busy lives to date.  For many, there has been a strong sense of loss when we can’t connect physically with those that we love, and as hard as this has been I believe it has made us all more aware of who is important to us and who is not.  It has also highlighted the importance of being able to express and show our love to others, and how the smallest of gestures and the most random acts of kindness can change lives for the better. 

This Full Moon will be opposing Uranus, the Sun and Mercury in Taurus.  As we know whenever Uranus comes into play we can expect the unexpected and I feel that this energy will push, perhaps unexpectedly, to the surface what we have chosen to bury to date.  In our isolation from others, we have relied on other ways to keep in touch and to interact, and for those of you who may find it challenging to express yourselves openly in a face to face manner, this could have been a wonderful time for you to open up and reveal parts of yourself from behind your screen or device.  At this Full Moon, these revelations can really make a difference.  They can liberate you from what you have been keeping secret or even denying.  The truth sets us free, and it also strengthens us and empowers us.

Scorpio energy is so very very sensitive and so very very powerful, and so many Scorpio people out there naturally present themselves to the world as being tough and strong when underneath it all they are gentle, soft and very caring.  And it is this part of you, whether you are a Scorpio or not, that may come to the surface at this time to liberate you from the belief that such things are a weakness and can be used against you.

Use this Full Moon energy to write a letter to yourself, or to someone else – to express how you are feeling and to bring up your secrets and sensitive bits – and then burn your letter once you have written it.  When we write we release, and there is no sense in reabsorbing it once we have written it, therefore no need for you to re-read what you write, rather just allow yourself to download and to let go of what you no longer need to hide.  We all have our secrets but keeping them can be damaging.  And we all hate to feel vulnerable, but through vulnerability, we find the true expression of love.  Full Moon Blessings to you all xox