Blog Post 16 June 2019

The Gemini New Moon of 3 June encouraged communication and the outpouring of all that we had been holding on too – both good and bad.  Gemini energy doesn’t often discriminate in such a way, it releases what needs to be released and makes no apologies for how this may be received or interpreted.  Therefore, although much has been revealed since early June, this has resulted in a lot of global and personal anger, unrest and in revelations that we were unaware of and that were not necessarily based on facts.

Sagittarius is the polar opposite to Gemini, today we have a Full Moon in this sign, preparing us for what we must permanently leave behind at the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on 2 July 2019.  As Gemini brings all the information out in the open, Sagittarius uses its intelligence to differentiate between what is fact and what is fiction, and more importantly what is for the highest good and what is not.  From a global perspective, we can expect a lot of the revelations we have seen to date to be clarified and for the real truth to be revealed.

Sagittarius represents our ability to expand ourselves, to grow and change through the use of our natural gifts and talents.  This sign encourages us to be the best we can be, to master our skills and once this is done, to then take them out and share them with the world through our careers, relationships and interactions with others.  So, at this Full Moon you will be blessed with the confidence and surety to express who you truly are and what you are capable of.  Often, however, we are not aware of how gifted we are or of how much we have to offer others, simply because we are too scared, unsure or lacking in confidence to explore this part of ourselves.  Throughout my 15+ years as an Astrologer  I have come across so many souls with the most incredible talents and abilities within them, but who have lacked the belief in themselves to do anything with these.  And so, their gifts had remained trapped behind their fears. Fears such as not being good enough, or fears of being rejected for exposing the part of you that is so precious and unique to you.  Your talents and gifts are like a baby in the womb – they are to be nurtured and loved by you as a part of you, and then there comes a time when they must come out so as they can grow, expand and have a life of their own.

This Full Moon is saying to you “let them out and give them life”.  Be brave, be confident and believe in yourself.  You chose every aspect of yourself before you were born, and you did so because every aspect of you has a purpose to fulfil – so it is part of your life purpose to allow this flow to occur and let go of your fears.  You are unique, you are not the same as everybody else, you are YOU and that in itself is perfection.  Only you limit you – so break open the doors you have shut to who you truly are and what you are capable of and take a chance on yourself because it will pay off and you will grow and expand as a soul through this experience.

Sagittarian energy is about living and embracing life.  It’s not about hiding and denying yourself.  However, there is always duality to deal with.  The Moon represents our emotions and so at every Full Moon our emotions are charged and how we are feeling is brought to the fore.  The challenge with this Sagittarian Full Moon is the need to be right, the need to be in charge and the need to have full control over your needs and direction in life.  This is something I would encourage you to be very aware of as when we use this energy to expand only upon what our Ego is telling us we will create conflict and hurt against others.  So, as you feel the need to share your truth or to state your case, first stop and ask yourself;

“Is this coming from the highest part of me?”

“Is it going to help and assist those around me?”

“Or, is this my Ego wanting to be heard and to have control?”

Your inner guidance/intuition is often at its strongest at the time of the Full Moon.  It is a time when we are asked to look at what feels right within us rather than what looks right around us.  And your inner guidance/intuition is ALWAYS right!

Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions is at a hard aspect to this Sagittarian Full Moon so be careful what you believe, check the facts before you act or speak, and give yourself plenty of time to see the real truth in what is going on around you, and within you.

Jupiter is conjunct the Moon, so aiding and abetting your imagination and feelings.  This allows you to positively explore your creativity, feelings and aspirations for the future – but this same energy also allows your emotions to cloud the facts and over-ride what is actually going on.

Use this Full Moon energy to embrace your life, to be present in the NOW, and to shut the doors firmly to the hurts of your past and any fears you may have for the future.  NOW is all there is!  Focus on your careers and your gifts and on YOU becoming an even more amazing version of the YOU you already are.  Full Moon blessings to you all xox