Blog Post 6 June 2020

On 5/6 June 2020, we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius opposing the Sun in Gemini.  And at the same time as this lights up the heavens, we have a Lunar Eclipse to add to the mix.

As you are aware Full Moons bring things to the surface, they are traditionally at a time to harvest and reap the rewards of the intentions set at the New Moon, and for all the hard work you have done since then.  This Full Moon in Sagittarius will bring with it a lot of emotion and a lot of strong reactions as more revelations are made and information disclosed.  Sagittarian energy tends to be a very intelligent energy and an energy that loves to grow and expand upon what it already knows.  It loves to have the highest knowledge and to have the most control, but in its efforts to achieve this it can discount and look down on what it feels is not good enough or as advanced as it is.  So, at this Full Moon, we may all find ourselves feeling that we know best, that our way is the only way and that others should just do as they’re told, as we have the higher knowledge and know what is best.  Unfortunately, at this time of great division in the world, this Full Moon will capitalise on this and bring out more of what is out-dated and unacceptable.  Therefore, this Full Moon is a time for us all to stop and look at where we are at, what we have happening in our lives that is positive and worth developing and working more on.  And to also look to who is around you and how you can best make use of them and their abilities.  It is always SO important to remember that everyone who is in your life at any given time, you chose to put there before you were born, so as you could make use of them to help you along your soul’s journey.  Just the same as others have chosen you to be in their life to help them with their soul journey too.  There are no accidents and coincidences, everything happens for a reason and everyone in your life has a use, so the sooner you can look past how life and its events are making you feel, and look to what you can learn, use and develop from this experience, the sooner you can get back on track and the sooner you can begin to manifest the life of your dreams. 

Eclipses come in pairs and they tend to represent major endings and beginnings.  Decisions made at the time of an Eclipse are considered to be irreversible, so if you have any major plans or choices to make at this time, I would advise that you investigate these a bit further and act on them in around 10 days’ time, or, if you feel making this decision at this time will empower you further and you need that knowing what there is no going back from here, then, by all means, go for it! 

A lunar eclipse is a much more emotional eclipse than a solar eclipse as the Moon represents our feelings and our heart.  Therefore, what may well come up for many of us at this time is issues in our relationships with others and with ourselves.  Whenever the Moon is involved you can expect your emotions to be involved.  Sagittarius energy likes to believe it knows best, but when it is being opposed by Gemini energy, the message is you may know best but have you expanded that thought outside of the box, or outside of what is historic? Or are you keeping your beliefs controlled, restricted and only based on what has gone before?  Gemini energy insists that we look further, that we explore, communicate and discover and that we grant ourselves more than one skill and ability to master in this lifetime.

Relationships that already test you will be brought to the fore at this time, and this makes it very important for us all to try to observe and understand rather than react and enter into disagreements or oppositions with others.  The world is in a state of chaos at the moment and it is a direct reflection of how the majority of the world is also feeling at this time.  Nothing is as it was before, and as annoying, confronting or challenging as this may be for you, it is necessary, and chaos always precedes a new way and a new beginning.  So, try to be at peace and let go of those challenging relationships rather than fighting to get that other person to change.  Step calmly yet surely away from anyone or anything that does not align with your sense of inner peace and happiness and instead focus on what feels right for you.

We are all being given a choice at this time, we can cling to the old out-dated, unbalanced and patriarchal ways that form our not at all comfortable “comfort zones”, or we can open ourselves up to what could be and what our spiritual hearts yearn for.  Full Moons bring things to a head and Eclipses bring the unexpected as well as endings, therefore this is an extremely powerful time to focus on what we wish our planet to become, and to get rid of all that does not fit this vision.

All is energy and so when we so much as think a thought it creates a wave of energy that goes out from us to the Universe.  At this time of such upheaval and uncertainty in this world, the one thing you have and can control are your imagination and your mind.  So, use these incredibly powerful parts of yourself to visualise the world you want to live in.  Visualise how you wish to live, how you wish to see the world around you, what you would like to have and achieve, where you would like to be and who you would like to be with.  At this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse use your personal power to create an energy of positivity.  Let go of the fear and uncertainty that is all around us and tune into your heart centre where there is peace and love and all things positive, and then send this energy out to the world around you and to the heart of humanity.  The power of the people joined in love can and will change the collective energy of this planet, and it all has to start with each of us holding this vision of hope and promise.  Full Moon Blessings to you all xox