Blog Post 20 September 2021

Today’s Full Moon in Pisces is our invitation to renew or expand upon our connection with the Universe.  We all co-create with the Universe; this is an essential part of our development as souls having the human experience.  It is imperative that we always remember and use the energy of the Universe to guide us, support us and enlighten us as to what our next step should be in life.  It is our role to set our sights on what we wish to achieve and to do the work that is required to get there, but it is the Universe’s role to show us HOW this will happen.  Too often we feel we need to control every move we make and everything we do, when in actual fact the more we can learn to step back and get out of our own way, the more likely and quickly things are to manifest for us, and in the best possible way too.

So, at this Full Moon our intuition, empathy and creativity will be enhanced in some way.  This is a beautiful Full Moon for your imagination and intuition.  Meditation on this day will open you up to new perspectives and a higher awareness of all that there is, which in turn can allow you to find more peace and clarity in your life.

When we are influenced by the energy of Pisces it is our imaginations and intuition that will be affected the most, and so any effort you can make today to connect to your Higher Self, to nature, or to your creative side, will be of great benefit to you. You may find that this is the day your creative ventures finally make sense or come together in some way.  Or you may find that today it is easier for you to make sense of what has come to pass over this last month.  We are all evolving every minute of every day, and it is important that we do so whilst keeping both feet firmly placed on the ground.  The energy of Pisces can be very illusional and idealistic, and such things are wonderful for promoting creative thinking and ingenuity, but when we go too far in that direction and do not ground ourselves, we can be taken over by our imaginations and fantasies without any practicalities or logistics to back it all up.  So, at this time we need to be guided by our intuition and imagination towards what “feels” right for us, but we need to also back this up with practical support and action.

The dreamy energy of this Full Moon can be of great healing to us all at this time of such confusion and change on the earth plane.  We can use this energy to go within our heart centres, and we can also use this energy to go outside of ourselves to explore all that there is too.  Either way, allow your imagination and the feelings that go with this to have free reign over your life at this time.  Just allow it all to expand out of you; all that you believe, all that you feel and all that you wish for – put it all out there with love, faith and belief in the intent behind it all, and just let it go.  The more you can focus on what makes you feel happy and secure, the less need you will have to focus on what the outside world is demanding of you.  It is time for us all to remember that we are souls on a journey and that each of our journeys is different – and there is no right or wrong way to travel your path.  This Piscean Full Moon is a reminder that we are all cosmic travellers and that we are connected to one another as much as we are connected to the Universe, and therefore the more we can make positive changes within ourselves the more we can make positive changes in the world around us too.

Embrace this beautiful, creative and inspirational Full Moon energy and allow yourself to celebrate and be grateful for all that you have in your life at this time.  Imagine and believe in the world you wish to live in.  Set your sights and intent on where you wish to go and what you wish to achieve, and then just surrender it all to the Universe.  You are loved, you are blessed, you are divine, and you are here for a reason.  Full Moon blessings to you all xox