Blog Post 26 January 2021

On 28/29 January 2021, we have the first Full Moon of 2021 and it will fall in the courageous, outgoing and passionate sign of Leo.  Full Moons are seen as the culmination or fruition of what seeds were planted at the New Moons.  This month’s New Moon fell in Capricorn and so it asked us to attend to the structure in our lives and to start building our platforms and plans for the year ahead.  Now under the influence of the Full Moon, we will be able to see what is working here already for us, and/or what might need a bit more time and focus to bring it up to speed.  And as this Full Moon is in Leo, we can now add a creative edge to what we are doing and find the courage to express it.

At this time on the earth plane, the Moon could really not be falling in a better sign for our heart centres and our emotional bodies.  The Full Moon in Leo brings out our courage and our belief in ourselves and in what we know and feel to be true.  Leo energy encourages us to believe more in ourselves and in what we believe in.  It also enhances us as leaders and creatives and shows us that speaking up and speaking out is how we get what we want out of life.  Leo energy is the energy of the leader who shines in the public eye and is not afraid to be who they truly are. 

So, as these lunar vibes bring us to the end of the first lunar month of 2021 we are being asked to step up and to not be afraid to be a representative of change.  It is time.  For too long we have been conditioned to believe that if we speak out of turn or act differently to others or have a different viewpoint, then we will be judged and condemned for it.  We have not been encouraged as children or as adults to step out of the status quo or to follow and embrace anything that is not “normal” and unfortunately, lately, it seems the more you try and have any opinion that goes against the mainstream narrative the more you will not only be judged but most definitely condemned and attacked for your beliefs as well.

Under the influence of this Leo Full Moon, you will be made even more aware of what is not “right” in your life, but the good thing is that you will also find that you have the energy and confidence to actually do something about it.  Just because everyone around you does things one way, does not mean that you have to do it that way as well.  The abundance of Aquarian energy all around us at present is most definitely encouraging and asking all of us to let go of whatever beliefs, structures, people and jobs we have followed before, that have past their purpose or that just don’t feel right anymore.  And as we do this, we can replace these outdated ways with new ones that are more aligned with who we truly are and what we personally feel and believe.  While we have the Moon in Leo backing us and supporting us in what we feel intuitively and emotionally, we do not need to be afraid of letting go of or ridding ourselves of all that is toxic in our lives.  Leo the lion is giving us the strength and the courage of the lion at this time so as we can feel the fear and do it anyway! 

Some of the most important lessons and understandings we are here to master at this time are the ones that are saying that “you are enough”, “you are worthwhile no matter what you do or think” and “you are free to be whoever and whatever you wish to be”.  Leo energy has no problem blowing its own trumpet and singing its own praises, and so it should as it usually does have a lot to sing about.  However, we do need to also remember that often the motivation behind the success of a Leo can be very Ego-driven and all about the glory and kudos they can receive from doing things when it should really be about whether that deed is for the highest good of all concerned.  To step into this energy and to be able to use it for your highest good you will also need to learn the Leo lessons of self-validation.   For so long as we seek validation outside of ourselves, we are unable to sustain our own inner self-love.  Self-validation comes through knowing and understanding that there is a higher purpose to all that we experience and that we have a responsibility to align ourselves with that higher purpose over and above focusing on our own gratification and glory. 

Under this Full Moon, our creative natures can also be brought out and it is a beautiful time to share what we can do with others to bring us closer together and to also begin the healing of the “great divide”  The great divide is something that has been insidiously and comprehensively drilled into us since we were born.  It is the belief that we are different from one another due to race, religion, gender, colour, age, whatever.  It has been programmed into us through our education and the societies we live in and now the Age of Aquarius is bringing us out of this archaic way of being and into a time of community, togetherness, acceptance and understanding for all that we are and all that we can be.  Creative solutions and the confidence to go with them and promote them will be of great help to you all and will also strip you of your need to have that outer validation, because the more you learn to go with what feels right for you, the more right you will feel and the more able you will be to think, create and manifest for yourself from a loving space.

To step into this energy, we need to learn the art of detachment, and we learn this when we use our spiritual practices to keep us calm, centred and present in our lives.  The outside world is engineered and driven to keep you in fear, because for so long as you are fearful you will not change, you will not question, and you will not move forward.  And you know you did not come here to buy into that!  Embrace your personal power, your inner Lion, and don’t be afraid to roar when you need too, but make sure that you can also detach from the stresses of the outside world and find your own peace.

The Leo Moon is opposing its polar opposite Aquarian Sun at this time, and when planets oppose one another sparks fly.  Those sparks are the ingredients for change, creative thinking and intuition, and as they are activated you can use this energy to change yourself, your ways and your life.  All it takes is some good old fashioned Leo courage and the confidence that the something special you have to share with the world, no matter how “out there” it might be, is worthwhile and that you and it are a gift to this world.  Full Moon Blessings to you all xox

PS:  Don’t forget to put your crystals out for cleansing in the Full Moon energy – they will love you even more for it!!