Today, 22 June 2024, we have a Full Moon in Capricorn opposing not only the Sun in Cancer, but both Venus and Mercury in Cancer too.  This Full Moon falls just 1 day after the Sun moves into Cancer and fully activates Cancer Season.

Capricorn is the polar opposite of Cancer and so when we have these polarising energies presenting themselves, they are always designed to give us an opportunity to go within and see what is holding us back, through our own awareness. 

Full Moons bring all that we feel to the surface and give us a monthly opportunity to check in with how we are feeling, how we are tracking and to be aware of how our emotional thinking plays such a big part in all that we do.  Capricorn energy is the energy of stubbornness, ambition, tenacity, hard work, discipline and focus.  This energy has a great need to take everything it is involved in very seriously and is often very concerned with the practicalities of life and the belief that there is no gain without pain. So, when this energy is in charge of our emotional body and in its FULL capacity then we are really feeling that seriousness and it will usually present itself through our relationships or somewhere in our lives where our emotions are in charge or have the most impact on us.

Therefore, at the time of this Full Moon you may feel very compelled to take everything that you do and feel emotionally a lot more seriously than you usually would resulting in old hurts being able to be voiced and old wounds healed.  The opposition this Capricorn Full Moon will create to the planet Venus first will be one that pushes the boundaries of what we feel.   Venus is in Cancer and so very concerned with giving your feelings a voice and also in being able to put yourself in another person’s shoes so as you can understand and empathise with what they are going through. 

Until we can see an issue through the eyes of the other party involved, we cannot find resolution

The opposition between Venus and the Moon at this time can allow us to get more real about what we feel and how we speak our language of love.  Cancerian energy is such a sensitive and compassionate energy, but too often this sensitivity can bring these souls to through their own “pity party” and encourage them to spiral down into the depths of their self-loathing.  When Venus opposes the Moon, we are being shown the importance of self-love and putting yourself first.  We can use the practical no-nonsense energy of Capricorn to poke holes in the stories we tell ourselves and to allow us to see ourselves as powerful and capable beings rather than ones who feel sorry for themselves.

The Full Moon in Capricorn will also be opposing Mercury, the planet of communication also sitting in Cancer at this time.  This aspect will allow us to voice what we feel and to put a name to our needs.  Mercury helps us with our self-awareness as well as our communication and so when the lunar energy of ambition, hard work and tenacity shines on Mercury it inspires us to not just think about what we are feeling but to find a use for it, to allow it to work for us rather than against us.

Full Moons bring things to the surface and so this particular Full Moon will  bring our seriousness and ambitious nature to the surface so we can use it to move ourselves forward in some way.  This Full Moon can bring break-throughs for you in areas where you have felt stuck up until now due to fear of failure, or the fear that we don’t know enough or think you are good enough, to keep going.  The opposing energies of Cancer at this time soften this energy and allow us to see how to balance ourselves and our needs out, so we are not constantly going after things, being productive and achieving goals.  Rather, we are aligning our productivity with what we love to do and putting our emotions and feelings into what is important to us.  At the time of this Full Moon, we can really see how our passion and purpose is the vehicle our ambition and productivity need to sustain us and to help us to move forward along our soul journeys.

This Full Moon will also form a square aspect with the planet Neptune currently sitting in Pisces.  Neptune in Pisces is all about illusion and our struggles at times to see the woods for the trees.  Capricorn energy has no problem differentiating between woods and trees – it sees things through that practical no-nonsense lens that can cut through all illusions, delusions and fantasies.  This square can allow us to see who we really are, what we are really doing and whether both of these things is for our highest good, or are we stuck in an illusion we simply don’t want to step out of? 

When we look at the world around us and all that we have been through particularly over the last 4 years, we can see how many illusions we live under and how untrue and unjust the world we live in is, at this time.  So, the Capricorn Full Moon sheds light on this and allows us to see through the illusions to find the truth, and with the truth comes empowerment.

This is also a very good time to get practical and purposeful in what you are working on.  The Moon in Capricorn activates our ambitious nature and gives us a solid push forward towards achieving our goals and dreams.  We will receive the practical guidance we need to see what is really going on and what we are truly capable of, if we align our passion with our purpose.

Full Moon blessings to you all.  Xox