Blog Post 2 July 2020

On 4/5 July 2020 we have a Full Moon in Capricorn and a Lunar Eclipse.  This is the final eclipse in a series of eclipses that started on 13 July 2018.  As the eclipses move through the polarities between opposing planets they activate the same two signs of the zodiac for approximately two years, and in the case of the last two years, it has been the Cancer/Capricorn polarity.  So, if you can remember back to what was going on for you in July 2018 you can see the culmination or the fruition of this arriving into your life at this time.  You started a journey of letting go back in July 2018 and the two-year journey has allowed you to release the old to embrace new beginnings as well as new opportunities.  The theme with Cancer is always about nurturing, family, self-love, intuition and compassion and the theme of Capricorn is around ambition, traditions, patriarchy and control.  When these two energies are eclipsing one another we are feeling the huge pressure of what has gone before, what is known and what is already in place, being overshadowed by the need for compassion, understanding and a higher and newer awareness of all that there is.  No matter where you live in the world at this time and what your belief system may be, you have been challenged in your old beliefs and ways that have been familiar to you for so long.  A light has gone on within you, that is questioning the way forward and seeking to align itself with a future that holds so much more than what we are being presented with right now.  Humanity is waking up and it’s a wonderful thing!

At this Full Moon Eclipse, we are all under a lot of personal as well as global pressure.  Restrictions, divisions and rules are being put in place – the power of Capricorn – and at the same time the Sun shining in Cancer is suggesting an alternative, a way of allowing more light and compassion to shine through into a world that so desperately needs this energy.   You may feel a lot of pressure being put on you “to do what is expected of you and what you are told” or “to do what you have always done before”.  However, many of you who are already experiencing this are also starting to recognise and notice how this does not really fit with who you truly are, what your perception of life is, or with what your intuition is telling you.  And you may also be starting to notice that these old ways of dealing with things are not improving you as a person or improving humanity and this planet as a whole.  It is time for you to question how much of your life, your beliefs and your awareness are you willing to give up to conform to someone else’s, and to feel safe and secure in this world?   

You may find at this time that the shadow side of yourself raises its head and makes you very aware of this part of you.  Dismissing this or burying it inside of you once again is not going to solve anything or allow you to develop along your soul’s journey.  Instead, you are being asked to transform this part of you in some way.  Say, for instance, you have an issue with anger.  Every now and then it can just get the better of you and you can find yourself acting and reacting in a way that is not who you wish to be, and not in alignment with your Higher Self.  Anger in its raw form does not accomplish much.  However, anger is a wonderful tool for motivation and passion, therefore, you can take this angry side of yourself that you don’t like and you can transform it into a strong belief in yourself and what you wish to do, and you can use the energy here to keep going, to motivate others and to have unlimited energy for pushing yourself forward.  And if you are unable to do this, if you are still feeling stuck in your anger, then accept this as a part of you, and make peace with it.  Sometimes the anger and rage we are feeling can be completely simmered down when we just accept it rather than fuelling it with more anger at ourselves for feeling that way.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will bring things to a head for many and this is so very important as until things are exposed, revealed and we are all aware of the truth, we cannot move to create the life and world we all wish to live in.  It is time for humanity to step into its best version of itself, for us all to be the best we can possibly be, and the kindest too, and to look to put an end to the mindless division and fighting that has become our standard “go to” on the earth plane.  Enough of the old – it is time to let it go and bring in the new.

Mars moved into his home sign of Aries on 28 June 2020 where he will stay until early January 2021.  Mars is the planet of drive, determination, passion, motivation and action and when he comes home to Aries all of these qualities are amplified and determined to be used in some way.  This transit will bring major events, fireworks, upheavals and a lot of anger. This is a powerful “push me pull me” energy that will motivate us to take action and to step up and speak out.  The challenge, however, is that we are feeling the need to take action for change, but we are also still without any clear direction or idea of what, where and how.  As we all instinctively feel this strong need for change, the natural way that we have been taught, and which we have been conditioned to believe is the best way to react, is to fight. To fight and rage against what we do not want or like in this world.  But when has this ever resulted in a permanent, sustainable, peaceful and equitable result?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and so it always sees itself as coming first, as the leader and as the one who knows best.  And when Mars comes home to roost he adds incredible force to this.  But there is more than one way of using Mars in Aries to get what we want.  Yes, the drive of Mars in Aries can be very self-centred and controlling and can push us to fight and resist what we don’t like with anger, rage and selfishness, but it can also take those same emotions and use them as motivation, passion and determination to BE the change that the world needs to see.  You cannot change another soul, and you should never try to control another soul, however, you can lead by example, and you can show another way of being and of using that fire and passion to motivate and inspire instead.

As Mars makes his lengthy transit through Aries for the rest of 2020, he will form many challenging aspects with other planets and so don’t for one minute think that there is a smooth easy ride coming up after the chaos of the last few months.  As difficult and unpredictable as things are, this is all SO very necessary so as we can all realise and put into place the importance of honesty, equality and love over greed, selfishness and fear. 

Use this Eclipse energy to align yourself with what feels right to you, and to make peace with your shadow side.  Keep in mind the energy of Mars and if you find yourself feeling angry and wanting to act and react through this energy, pause, take a deep breath, and rise above what is going on so as you can see and then react from a higher more evolved perspective.  The more you do this the more you allow the Light of the Universe to work through you and out to others, and the more you anchor the Light on this planet for all to use.  Blessings xox