Blog Post 13 July 2022

Today, 13 July 2022, we have a Super Full Moon in Capricorn.  This will oppose the Sun in Cancer bringing this polarity to life.

Full Moons bring things to fruition, and the Moon rules our emotions.  So, when the Moon is full our emotions also tend to become “fuller” than usual.  For many sleeping at the Full Moon is a challenge, and for others they feel activated spiritually and some even find this can be a time where they have very little energy.  It is different for everyone, but there is no doubt that the Moon affects us all on an emotional level, one way or another. 

A Full Moon is created when the Sun and the Moon oppose one another in the skies.  Tomorrow’s Full Moon falls in Capricorn and so will carry a practical, down to earth, traditional, serious and strict energy.  It has ambition and purpose, but it can lack compassion.  And Cancerian energy is the energy of the earth mother, of feelings, compassion, empathy and understanding.  So, when the planet of emotional energy, the Moon, is activated by a non-emotional force and at the same time opposed by a similar energy a lot of confusion can occur as to what love is to each of us.

The confusion will be regarding whether we believe in love and being loved for all the romantic, emotional and nurturing reasons or whether we believe in love for traditional, practical and what is expected of us reasons. 

In the eyes of Capricorn love is a duty and a commitment to be taken very seriously and handled accordingly.  And for Cancer love is a feeling, an emotion to also be handled accordingly.  They both take it seriously but for different reasons and this is the confusion at the time of this Full Moon.  You may find yourself questioning your feelings and your relationships as to what they really mean to you and why you are in them?  Or you could realise that that vital structure that holds it all together is faltering, or that the compassion and understanding has gone.  Full Moons bring things to a head so we can release and move on – they remind us of what we may need to do but may also not want to do. 

This Full Moon energy will also enhance everyone’s sense of ambition and that need to be the best we can be and this can only be a good thing.  Our emotional bodies need to be aligned with both the practical side of us and the emotional side of us – we have more to offer ourselves and others when we balance out our inner worlds.  Ambition that is not tempered with compassion can too easily become ruthless pursuit.  So, push yourself to be the best you can be but not at the expense of another soul, and don’t allow your emotions to cloud your vision.  You are a soul on a journey of many ups and down’s and you are not always going to get it right – but that does not mean that you are not worthy of love.  Full Moon Blessings xox