Blog Post 24 June 2021

Today’s Full Moon in Capricorn will be a very constructive and powerful one.  Capricorn energy is, amongst other things, a very ambitious energy.  This is an energy that will ALWAYS get where it needs to go and it does so due to its ability to focus, work hard, exercise self-discipline and keep moving forward, no matter what.  Like the mountain goat Capricorn represents, it is sure-footed and grounded at all times, and can scale a vertical mountainside and will never give up.  The tenacity of Capricorn energy is one of its most formidable traits, and although this can be very ruthless and self-serving at times, it is also extremely motivating and accomplished. 

So, when the Moon is Full in this sign of the zodiac our ambitious nature and ability to keep going and keep moving no matter what obstacles may be in our way, is brought to the surface.  And the beauty of this Full Moon is that it is in a very friendly and supportive relationship with Jupiter, the planet of luck, manifestation and growth.  Therefore, we have positive and optimistic support for our dreams and our connection with Spirit rather than negative self-serving attitudes, to help us to bring things to fruition and to accomplish our goals at this time.

The Sun is in Cancer, and even though Cancer and Capricorn are opposites in polarity on the zodiac wheel, rather than cause adversity or combativeness, the Sun can shine its compassion and empathy towards the Moon and use these energies to enhance the need for success and achievement in a positive manner.  Your goals and what you wish to see manifest for you at this time can be brought into being and can bring you what you need if you apply understanding to them rather than demand them as your right.  This Full Moon reminds us of the importance of balance and the need for our intentions to be in alignment with what is for our highest good – always. 

This Full Moon in Capricorn is also a very good reminder to us all to remember who we are and what we are capable of.  It can encourage all of us to aim a bit higher, use a bit more focus and to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work that is needed to get us from A to B.  It can show us how far we can go if we apply ourselves and what rewards we can expect if we do the hard yards.  But, as it has the influence of the Cancerian Sun at this time, we are being asked to rise up and embrace our abilities and goals but to do so with compassion for ourselves and empathy for our situations, and a deep understanding of the need to give and receive in equal amounts.  We are so conditioned, and especially as women, to give to others, and this is a good thing, but we need to balance this out with our ability to give to ourselves too.  The Full Moon’s positive relationship with Jupiter in Pisces means our intuition and connection to Spirit are also firmly on board at this time, and so we have incredible support both on and off the earth plane. 

No. 1 Lesson of Spirituality – there is NO-ONE in the world more important than YOU!

The first half of 2021 has been very testing – a time where we have been presented with all sorts of challenges, changes and revelations.  I believe the second half of 2021 will be about finding the solutions, recognising our soul tribes and coming together for the greater good of all concerned.  Mercury has now moved Direct also, so we have the green light to move forward and put our plans into action.  We have had 3 weeks to re-consider, re-assess and re-look at where we are going and now the Capricorn Full Moon gives us a blast of ambition to keep going and the Cancerian Sun the perspective to do so for the highest good of all concerned.  Full Moons bring things to fruition, so be aware of what is flowing easily in your life and what is not.  Go with the flow, but don’t give up on the rest – life is often as much about the right timing as it is about doing the work. 

So, use this Full Moon energy to aim high – to set your sights on where you want to be and what you wish to achieve and then do the work that is necessary and as you do so, be kind to yourself; appreciate who you are and what you bring to the table, and know (like the mountain goat) that you can achieve great things and go incredible places when you just keep the focus and when you do not give up on your dreams or on your ability to achieve these. 

Full Moon Blessings to you all xox